Tangled: Rapunzel & Pascal Pop! Funko Vinyl Giveaway

Lots of you entered my Easter giveaway and I has so much fun running it that I thought I would offer another giveaway, this time you can win a Tangled: Rapunzel & Pascal Pop! Funko Vinyl.


I first spotted Pop! Funko vinyl’s last year when I bought one as a birthday gift, I loved the look of them but wasn’t sure I wanted to start a collection, that was until I got my first one for Christmas, that and I kept seeing them on some blogs that I love to read.

My own collection is only small at the moment but I’m intending to grow it, I’m currently collecting the Munster’s and I have my eye on Sam an Dean Winchester from Supernatural to add next.

I thought Β giving one away as a prize might introduce you to the wonderful world of Pop! Funko or perhaps add to your own collection, you can enter using the gleam app below, don’t forget to come back every day for the bonus entries on the app.

Tangled: Rapunzel & Pascal Pop! Funko Vinyl

Terms & Conditions

UK Only

Winner has 72 hours to respond.

Best of luck with your entries.

Angela x


148 thoughts on “Tangled: Rapunzel & Pascal Pop! Funko Vinyl Giveaway

  1. I’d love to own snow white she’s my favourite Disney character and reminds me of my wedding…. in Disney Florida!

  2. Id love to have my other half as a Pop! Funko vinyl…tht way I can take him to work with me and show him how hard I actually work, throw paper spit balls at it when he annoys me and snuggle with when hes not at home (when hes behaving)

  3. My daughters favourite program at the moment is Mia and Me so she would love a Mia and Onchou

  4. I’d love to own Groot, I watched the film the other day and he is awesome! I am Groot <3

  5. Rapunzel because she is my favourite Disney princess. She has a lot qualities for young girls to look up to: bravery, confidence, adventurous, loyal and kind <3

  6. Would love the Charlie and the chocolate factory characters especially the oompa loompas. They would be so cool.

  7. I’ve got a humongous list of one’s I want although I think my current favourite is the Harry Potter ones, especially the ones on the Hogwarts train

  8. hipster ariel! shes next on my to-buy list. ariels my favourite and i love the little glasses on the hipster version

  9. I really want to get Alice in Wonderland next!! It’s my favourite Disney movie and would go well with the rest of my Disney collection!

  10. The Halloween Wizard from Regular Show would be really cool because wizards are just awesome and I love Regular Show!

  11. Definitely Baymax πŸ˜€ because he’s one of the best characters from Disney in the later years!

  12. I would like the Winchester brothers, because I have a bit of a crush! I said I commented as Karen Langridge sorry it was missingsleep x

  13. I would love to see a sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Pop! Funko Vinyl becuase she is my favourite character in anything! Plus it would be pretty cool

  14. I’d like to own a Spock (Z.Quinto one) because I love him in the new Star Trek Movies. Logical!

  15. I would love a cowboy with all the gear just because I’ve got a bit of a thing about cowboys.

  16. I love all the Disney pops! Would love to own Belle, Beauty and the beast is one of my favourite films.

  17. I love them all. I’d like to get Rocky Horror ones for me and My Little Pony ones for my daughter.

  18. Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy as he makes me smile as I just think of the dancing groot at the end πŸ˜€

  19. Captain Jack (with vortex manipulator) its a limited edition one from Torchwood and John Barrowman is my absolute idol.

  20. I would love all of The Doctors from Dr Who, they would be fab all lined up in my bedroom

  21. Would love the Rapunzel for my twin girls. They love her & be great for their upcoming 4th birthday

  22. Snape from Harry Potter is top of my wish list, my favourite character from all the Harry Potter books

  23. My daughter loves Disney films at the minute and her favorite is Alice in Wonderland so that one would be perfect πŸ™‚

  24. if it was up to my son he would love any of the avengers, my daughter would choose frozen but i would choose groot!

  25. I’d love Scooby Doo because he was such a key part of my childhood, and looking at him would make me smile πŸ™‚

  26. Prince, as I would like to remember him because he was such a talented musician and his was the first concert I ever went.

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