The Great Post-Christmas Clear Out

The Christmas tree is down and the baubles have been safely packed away for another year. I’ve written a plan of action to get our house back to some semblance of normality and I’m raring to get going on the great post-Christmas clear out.

Unlike previous years I haven’t had to declutter too deeply this year. But the last few months have seen lots of new additions arrive but none leave. I have a pile of stuff in the cupboard and much more to add to it this coming week.

I thought I would share with you how I am planning to get the new year off to a clear start. If you need some motivation I hope this will help you.Where To Start

The hardest part of having a sort out is deciding where to begin. In the past I’ve flitted from room to room and tied myself in knots trying to do everything at once. I suggest starting in one small area and not moving on until you have finished. Breaking it down in this way means you are much more likely to succeed.

What To Do With The Clutter

I’ve decided to separate our clutter in to 3 different boxes. There will be a sell box for items that are in a good condition. A box for donation either to the charity shop or on Freecycle. The last box will be recyclables and things to throw away. I really hope there isn’t much to throw away as I like to recycle as much as I can.

Avoiding Future Clutter Creep

As much I love a good declutter I don’t want to spend lots of my precious time repeating the process too often. I’m really going to be mindful about what I bring in to our home that includes purchases, review items and prizes. Using the ‘something in-something out’ rule usually works well for me.

I aim to have a clear out twice a year from now on, one in January and one in the Summer.

I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration get started, even if it’s just a few items or a small area each day. The difference will be noticeable in no time.





Five Frugal Things For October

This months post will be a little underwhelming as I don’t feel like I’ve done anything spectacularly frugal in October it’s just been a pretty normal money saving month. I’m also posting a little earlier than usual as Daisy is odd school for half-term for the next two weeks so we will be busy having fun together.

This month has been so busy which has meant we have had a few frugal fails but that’s okay we will put those behind us and move ahead. I should start including those fails in this monthly round up so you can see that it’s pretty normal to fall off the wagon every now and again.

five-frugalthingsfor1. Although we did have to turn our heating on yesterday due to having visitors I’m still counting it as a frugal win that we lasted this far when most other people have already relented. As a rule I don’t like to put it on before November but I’m still going to limit use until then, you can read my tips for keeping warm without putting the heating on here.

2. We have been cooking up some delicious filling Autumnal dishes and saving the leftovers for the following day to stretch our pennies a bit further.

3. We sold some more things from around the house using Gumtree and cashed in the spare change tin we had been saving all year and put the money towards Christmas savings and paying extra off our credit card debt.pound-414418_19204. I have been busy making budget friendly plans for the upcoming half-term, we have paint, glue, stickers and activity sheets at the ready. We are having some friends round and plan to meet them on the park as well (weather permitting) and the rest of the time we will watch movies and do some baking.

5. My cousin and I used to go to the cinema a lot together but since the price of tickets become ridiculous we’ve not been able to go as much. Through work she managed to get us a brilliant discount and we ended paying just £5 for us both so I’m counting that as a frugal win. We watched The Girl On The Train which was absolutely fantastic and as we left I picked up some free activity sheets and posters for the kiddo’s, bonus!

What frugal wins have you had in October ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.




Word of the Week – Decluttering

I was going to write about something relating to Daisy starting school for word of the week but as she only started on Wednesday I think I will leave her a little more time to settle in before I write about it. I have chosen the word decluttering as most of the week has been centred around this activity.


Call me crazy but a love a good old declutter and I’m not just talking about my cupboards and drawers, twice a year usually in January and September I look at all areas of our home and life and give them both an overhaul so I thought I would share with you the progress I’ve made this week.


I filled 3 bags with clothes, toys and other household items to donate to the charity shop, these have been dropped off this morning, I’ve also advertised a few items to sell on local Facebook selling sites.


I’ve started the process of going through files and pulling out any out of date paperwork to be shredded, I’ve also been checking our finances to make sure everything is up to date and running smoothly.


I’ve been looking closely at our routines to see what’s not working for us, removing and reorganising.

Digital Life

This is one area where I feel declutting is never ending, I’m breaking this task up into bite size chunks to make the task more manageable so this week I’m focusing on unsubscribing from emails that no longer interest me and unfollowing Twitter accounts that I’m no longer interested in seeing on my timeline.


Sometimes inside your brain needs a good old declutter so I’ve been making use of my journals and diaries to write everything down.

I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this week and hopefully I will have finished by the end of the month and then I can move on to organising which is another favourite pass time of mine, told you I sounded crazy.

What about you, do you enjoy a good old declutter or does the mere thought give you the chills ? leave me a comment I love to hear from you.

I’m linking up with Jocelyn from The Reading Residence for Word of the Week.

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