Festive Fun and Christmas Traditions

Daisy has finished school and all my work is done so it’s time for us to have some festive fun. With a whole week ahead of us I’ve made sure we have something festive to do each day to keep us busy. The excitement about Father Christmas visiting at the weekend is building so distraction techniques have been deployed.

Some of our usual Christmas traditions have fallen by the wayside this year for one reason or another. We have been able to start what will be some new traditions for us too. As the children get older I’m sure we will add to them.

For years we have chosen a new bauble each for the tree and it’s definitely something I want to continue so we must try harder next year.

Our usual drive round the neighbourhoods looking at Christmas lights hasn’t happened either unless you include the ones we have spotted on the way to shopping.

One new thing we have done this year is to decorate a gingerbread house. The children loved doing this and I’ve already added it to the ‘must always do’ list. I’m not sure what they enjoyed more, the decorating or the demolishing afterwards ! This morning we got out the craft box, drew some Christmas trees and decorated them with colours and stickers.The rest of this week will include lots of the following

  • glittery play-doh with festive cutters
  • watching Christmas films
  • reading ‘The Night Before Christmas
  • listening to our demonic snowman sing his own special version of ‘Frosty The Snowman’ on repeat (truly frightening)
  • Eating way too many mince pies
  • excited giddiness and merriment

I’m hosting a little Christmas eve get together for the family. I’ve also put together a basket full of goodies for the kids to enjoy on Christmas eve. Once the kids are tucked up in bed Chris and I will enjoy a takeaway.

Christmas morning will bring excitement, happiness and wonder and I can’t wait.