Make Money From Home With The Money Shed – A Guest Post

Almost two years ago I found The Money Shed and my online earning journey began in earnest. I managed to completely pay for Christmas in just two months using the tips and advice from owner Jon and the fellow forum users. Today Jon is here to share some great advice to get you started making money from home.

Earning decent money from home has long been some kind of urban legend. People either get exposed to some kind of crazy scam or equally as bad, surveys offering 50p rewards for your time.I’m happily here to change all that for you and show you 3 easy ways you can earn a DECENT living online!

My name is Jon and I run a website called The Money Shed which is actually the UKs largest community website dedicated to earning money from home! I’ve been at this ‘earning online’ malarky for a great number of years now and have been featured in the press quite a few times as well so I’ve helped a LOT of people out of financial difficulty by earning money from home.

With all that said, here are 3 sure fire ways you can make over £1000 a month from home in total!
1) Web Search Evaluator

If you can use Google or Bing you can do this job! Being a WSE is where you help search engines in terms of the results they present you with. It’s making sure when someone types in the search term ‘Manchester United’ they aren’t getting presented with results for ‘Liverpool FC’. The job entails a fair amount of concentration as you are paid BY THE HOUR at a rate that is well above the UK minimum wage! You can easily make £700 odd a month from this as I used to bring in that amount and that was when I was only doing it in the evenings around my main job! The companies you want to apply with to do this type of work are Leapforce, Lionbridge or Appen.

2) Website User Experience Testing

Have you ever used a website and thought that some of its design choices were a little bit off? Companies likes WhatUsersDo will give you the change to feed that information back to clients and pay you £8-£15 per time. WhatUsersDo is an excellent website that you can sign up to for free. You are assigned work as it becomes available and you are simply asked to go onto the website of the client and interact with it. This might involve pretending to order something or trying out various search options on the site. While you are doing this WhatUsersDo use a nifty bit of software to record your screen so they can see what you are doing. On top of this you need to use a Mic so that you can explain how you feel about the design and layout of the site and pages as you go about doing the task.

3) Earn money doing tasks on your Smartphone

These amazing apps have been around for a few years now. They are sort of an offspring of traditional Mystery Shopping and just involve you going to and taking a photo or two and answering any questions the clients may want. Everything is done via your phone but the pay is very high and you can make a good few hundred each month by doing them. To get started head on over to your App store of choice and download

Apple : Task360, Roamler, BeMyEye, StreetSpotr, Field Agent
Android : Roamler, StreetSpotr, BeMyEye

Set the apps up and you will soon see if there is work available in your location. The work flow on these apps is DYNAMIC so while there may be no work on Task360 for you today in 2 days time that may not be the case! The work generally just takes minutes to do and payment is usually around £5 for the simpler tasks and £7-£10 or the more involved ones that require a few more photos. There’s nothing stopping you generally making around £300+ a month from these apps so they really are fantastic earners!

I hope all this helps you. It’s just a very small fraction of the sort of information we have available on The Money Shed so if you want to earn even more please do pop over to our site and join in with our community as we would love to have you there!

Five Frugal Things For October

This months post will be a little underwhelming as I don’t feel like I’ve done anything spectacularly frugal in October it’s just been a pretty normal money saving month. I’m also posting a little earlier than usual as Daisy is odd school for half-term for the next two weeks so we will be busy having fun together.

This month has been so busy which has meant we have had a few frugal fails but that’s okay we will put those behind us and move ahead. I should start including those fails in this monthly round up so you can see that it’s pretty normal to fall off the wagon every now and again.

five-frugalthingsfor1. Although we did have to turn our heating on yesterday due to having visitors I’m still counting it as a frugal win that we lasted this far when most other people have already relented. As a rule I don’t like to put it on before November but I’m still going to limit use until then, you can read my tips for keeping warm without putting the heating on here.

2. We have been cooking up some delicious filling Autumnal dishes and saving the leftovers for the following day to stretch our pennies a bit further.

3. We sold some more things from around the house using Gumtree and cashed in the spare change tin we had been saving all year and put the money towards Christmas savings and paying extra off our credit card debt.pound-414418_19204. I have been busy making budget friendly plans for the upcoming half-term, we have paint, glue, stickers and activity sheets at the ready. We are having some friends round and plan to meet them on the park as well (weather permitting) and the rest of the time we will watch movies and do some baking.

5. My cousin and I used to go to the cinema a lot together but since the price of tickets become ridiculous we’ve not been able to go as much. Through work she managed to get us a brilliant discount and we ended paying just £5 for us both so I’m counting that as a frugal win. We watched The Girl On The Train which was absolutely fantastic and as we left I picked up some free activity sheets and posters for the kiddo’s, bonus!

What frugal wins have you had in October ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.