Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

I’ve always had a long thick head of hair, it’s been like that for as far back as I can remember. Apart from the very few times that I got fed up and chopped it to shoulder length. I soon regretted my decision as I just didn’t feel like myself without my long locks.

So when I noticed after having Daisy  that I had a small bald patch I will admit I felt quite anxious. Despite being pregnant twice before this was the first time I had experienced anything like this. Thankfully it was a very minor patch and it grew back within a few months.

During my pregnancy with Jake I was that busy with a toddler to look after I didn’t really notice anything different with my hair. Life got even busier once he arrived and it wasn’t until I saw a photo of myself 3 months later that I was shocked at how much hair I had missing. I don’t have a fringe as such, and I wear my hair pulled back in to a pony tail most days which made it even more noticeable.

I began to feel very self conscious about it. Chris assured me that it wasn’t that noticeable but to me it was like I had a huge flashing light pointing towards it. I also started to worry in case it never grew back.

I did some research and got some advice from fellow mums which helped to put my mind at ease. Thankfully around six months later my bald patch had disappeared completely.

Here are some things I learned about post pregnancy hair loss and what you can do about it.

The Facts

  • During pregnancy those wonderful hormones interrupt the normal hair growth cycle.
  • Higher levels of oestrogen freeze the normal daily hair loss cycle.
  • Your hair appears thicker and glossier during pregnancy but once you have given birth the cycle restarts and oestrogen levels fall and all that lovely extra hair falls out.
  • At around 3 months postpartum many women notice a dramatic hair loss.
  • For most women their usual hair growth cycle will return between 6 to 12 months of giving birth.

What you can do

  • Be gentle, although you can’t prevent the hair loss you can make sure you are not losing any excess. Condition your hair well and use a wide tooth comb to prevent tangles.
  • Don’t pull your hair back in to tight pony tails or up-do’s.
  • Put off any chemical based treatments like colouring or perming until the loss has stopped.
  • Eat well and take supplements to support healthy hair growth.

For some women hair loss can be more more extreme and long term, there is help available from hair clinics such as Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment. Of course if you are worried about your hair loss for any reason I recommend talking to your GP.

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Looking After Your Gums In Pregnancy-#OralBLoveYourGums Challenge

Hi Folks

I was recently sent a tube of the new Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste to try as part of the BritMums & #OralBLoveYourGums Challenge. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I had been experiencing some bleeding when brushing which I always get during pregnancy.

A few days before the toothpaste arrived I had been to my yearly check up with my dentist, I knew I would be due to have some x-rays but wasn’t able to have them done with being pregnant.

I discussed my bleeding gums with my dentist who advised me to take extra care when brushing my gums, she also told me how important keeping up a good oral hygeine routine is especially during pregnancy as the hormones can make your gums swell as well as causing an increase in plaque.

I have been using the toothpaste for over two weeks now and have seen a slight improvement with my gums, they are not bleeding every time I brush and when they do it’s a very small amount, I have also noticed that my teeth appear a little whiter than they were.

The only thing I’m not very keen on is the taste, I’m a traditional minty flavour kind of girl and I found the new Oral B to taste a little medicated, although not unpleasant or unpalatable.

I was quite surprised to learn that the difference between new Oral-B Pro-Expert and other toothpastes is that it protects all of the areas that dentists check the most, it’s a great all round toothpaste.

This post is my entry for BritMums #OralBLoveYourGums Challenge sponsored by Oral-B, promoting healthy gums-something especially important for pregnant women. Get tips and advice on .

I’m Having a Baby !

I’ve decided to share the good news a little early that I’m having a baby, I thought about waiting until the twelve week mark to share but decided I could keep it to myself no longer.

Tomorrow marks my ninth week of pregnancy, I’ve seen the midwife and already have a scan date so it’s all starting to feel very real now.

My experience so far with the medical profession has been far from a smooth ride as I will explain to you a little in a moment, this is my 4th pregnancy but had it been my 1st I would already have been put off for life !

I found out really early, on the first day of my missed period thanks to this little piece of genius.


I was only getting a barely there line on the cheap tests so I bought this Clearblue digital one, well worth the extra pennies.

The past few weeks I have been feeling super tired, having to take naps in the afternoon and feeling nauseous most days.

I’m trying to keep in mind how greatful we are that we got pregnant so quickly after trying, but some days all I want to do is moan about how rotten I feel, I know this will soon pass.

Here are a list of the ‘Comedy of Error’s’ (although they didn’t seem funny at the time) that I have already endured

1. Phoned my doctor’s surgery to find out about seeing a midwife to be told that she wouldn’t see me until I was between 10-12 weeks & I needed to come & fill a form in ( I understand some clinics have different policies but I was wondering how on earth I would get a scan date).

2. Went to the surgery to fill a form in, the receptionist booked me an appointment for 14 weeks, when I questioned it she told me she was just following the rules and would be 12 weeks then anyway, I don’t remember her being at the conception but she seemed to know better than me.

3. Got home and promptly phoned another surgery (we have two we can visit), who booked me in for 12 weeks.

4. Received a voicemail from a the midwife from the first surgery ( now I’m apparently called Kerry) saying I needed to be seen sooner at 8 weeks. I phoned the second surgery who told me all pregnant woman should be seen between 8-10 weeks !!! I think they need to have a meeting and decide their policies.

5. Went to the Midwife ( who now thinks I’m called Nicola !) , she took all my booking in information but when it came to taking my blood I knew their would be a problem as I have terrible veins, she attempted a couple of times before giving me the paperwork to take to the local blood clinic.

6. Next day I wait at the blood clinic for almost an hour (it’s a ticket system) , the nurse doesn’t read the paperwork properly takes one vial of blood, try’s to fob me off when I insist she hasn’t looked properly, realises then profusely apologises as she attempts three more times before admitting defeat. At this point an appointment is made for me at a clinic in town a couple of days later.

7. I arrive at the clinic, which involves a bus journey to be met by a clueless assistant who has never done antenatal bloods before, does not know how to process the paperwork, treats my sample of urine like it’s highly radioactive, stabs at my already sore arms three times before concluding I need to go to the hospital for the tests.

As you can imagine by that point I’m angry, sore, frustrated & on the verge of tears (damn hormones).

I have now decided that they can come to me if they want the blood, as I am at the end of my tether, also one of my arms is incredibly numb which is a little worrying.

Surely things can only get better ?

On the plus side I have a little webster growing inside me and that in itself cancels out all the bad stuff.

Have you ever had any problems with the medical profession during pregnancy ? Do you feel like no one listen to silly pregnant ladies ?

Angela x