Look In My Letterbox

It’s been a pretty good week this week, I’ve had freebies, prizes and some purchases arrive so I’ve got lots to show you so lets get on and look in my letterbox.

*Apologies for the quality of the photo’s*



The Weetabix on the go was a SoPost freebie from Twitter, I’ve left the leaflet in the picture incase anyone would like to enter the competition. My advice with the SoPost freebies is to team up with a like minded friend on Twitter and Facebook and send each other one as soon as they pop up.


I spotted this toothpaste freebie on one of the couponing pages I follow on Facebook, I thought they would run out quickly as it’s quite a generous size so I got in fast and ordered mine.



I should have took a picture of this boxes contents as it’s much more exciting than the outside, I won £15 credit for Stampin Up! from a blog competition and I chose this Project Life set, the cards inside are lovely and I will use them in my happy mail.


Daisy won this awesome book from Toppsta, if you have little ones make sure you pop across and enter the competitions for them this is the second book we have won from them and they always have a fantastic selection to choose from.


Another lovely book for the children, this time from a blog competition.


Finally a book for Mummy and it looks a little racy, I applied to review it for the Mumsnet book club, I had a book from them last month which I really enjoyed so I’m looking forward to reading this one.



Jake is getting to the point where he doesn’t like being in his buggy anymore but he runs away from me when I let him out to walk so I’ve compromised by buying this toddler backpack that has a reign attached, so far so good.


We bought this fire stick in the Amazon Prime day sale, we have being debating buying one for a while and the time and price seemed right.

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Angela xx

Look In My Letterbox

I’m back again to share with you all the goodies that have arrived in this weeks post, it’s so much nicer to receive little surprises though the letterbox rather than a load of bills and junk mail. I’ve noticed that the amount of freebies to apply for is increasing again and I was gutted to miss out on two fantastic SoPost freebies this week they went so fast which proves that this hobby is becoming more popular this doesn’t deter me it just makes me more determined to try even harder.



Eat Natural do the best freebies, their bars are delicious and I have the perfect spot in the garden to plant the wildflower leaves in Autumn.


Post-it are another generous company for giving away freebies, I love this new range as an avid maker of lists the ruled sticky pages are ideal for me.


This sample came last week but I had managed to bury it at the bottom of a pile of paperwork so I didn’t include it, I love these free samples much better than buying a full size product only to find it doesn’t suit you.



I entered every competition I could find to win tickets to the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park, although I won’t be able to sample as many of the sweet goodies on offer it’s still a great day out for us all.


If you read my Toy Collecting post last week you will know that Daisy loves these little surprise toys, the envelope was addressed to her and she was so excited to open it and find a Finding Dory Squishy Pop inside, don’t forget I have a giveaway running for some collectable toys so make sure you click the link above.

Happy Mail


This lovely letter arrived from one of my pen pals, I can’t tell you how happy these letters make me it’s so nice connecting with people by handwritten word. I think I’m going to look for some more pen pals soon as I have loved writing and receiving happy mail so much.

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Have you had anything nice arrive in the post this week, leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx

Look In My Letterbox

I took a little break from look in my letterbox last week, I only had one little freebie arrive and the rest of my post was just junk mail, I really do need to put more of an effort in to get that postie visiting more often.

Although I’m not winning much at the moment I had a prize arrive this week that made me so happy and I loved every single part of it.



I think I applied for this freebie through one of the freebie sites but I’m not sure which one, that’s really not helpful is it.


This Compeed pack is my latest campaign from Bzz Agent, I had nothing from them for ages but it seems to be picking up again now.



I won this awesome bundle of stationery goodies from a blog competition, it’s not often I win something that’s totally just for me so I’m delighted with this prize.

Happy Mail


I think of all the things that arrive in the post pen pal post is my favourite, getting a letter from someone is brilliant much better than a text or email, I have four pen pals at the moment and I’m on the waiting list for post circle.


I took part in a book swap last month, I was paired up with a lady in Texas and she sent me this book, I’m really happy with her choice for me as I’ve been meaning to read James Patterson for years and never gotten around to it and now I have no excuse not to.

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Have you had anything nice in the post this week ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx


Look In My Letterbox

I was going to give this weeks look in my letterbox a miss but I do enjoy sharing with you all the nice things that arrive every week. I have a prize, a freebie, a review item and a purchase to show you.



I won this family Tatton Park ticket from a local Facebook page competition. We have lots of days out to plan this Summer and all for free thanks to this wonderful hobby.



I’ve been sent these earphones to review. They wrap round your wrist so you can ‘wear your sound’ look out for a review coming soon.



We have tried Naturelly Jelly Juice a few times and the kids love it. I’m really happy with this coupon for a free juice and money off another purchase. I’ve reviewed Naturelly Jelly Juice in the past.



I first bought a copy of The Secret when I was holiday in the USA. Almost a year after reading itmy life changed completely. I really believe that the things I learned from reading this book brought my husband into my life and set me on the path to where I am now. I lent my copy to someone and never got it back and have really wanted to replace it ever since so I treated myself to it with some vouchers I had tucked away.

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Look In My Letterbox

This weeks Look In My Letterbox is a little on the light side with just a few freebies and one lovely piece of happy mail for Daisy from her teacher.

I’ve spotted a few more freebies appearing again this week and I’ve been squeezing in a little comping each day so hopefully lots more goodies will arrive soon.

Happy Mail


This lovely postcard arrived for Daisy from her teacher. It’s to tell her how well she is doing with her reading and writing, this made her so happy.



We took part in a teeth brushing app trial with Talk Health.They sent us this big tube of Aquafresh little teeth for filling in the questionnaire afterwards.


I can’t remember where I applied for this freebie. We’ve tried these Upbeat drinks before and really liked them.


I can’t remember where this one is from either. I really must start writing down what I apply for and from where, this hand lotion smells amazing.


Look In My Letterbox

I don’t have a lot to show you this week. Up until Wednesday nothing had arrived at all so I thought I would be giving this weeks Look In My Letterbox a miss.  Postal freebies are so thin on the ground at moment and the ones that are available seem to be going really fast.

I’m back into the swing of things with my favourite hobby comping. I have put in every spare moment I’ve had this week so I’m hoping to reap the rewards of that soon.

FreebiesIMG_0251I’m not sure whether to class this as a freebie as such. It’s £3 that I can spend on something nice though.IMG_0252I spotted this freebie at last minute. It will save us some money over the Summer as we have a couple of train trips planned.

PrizesIMG_0253I won First Animals and First Animal Homes  from BrainBox games Facebook page. Daisy and I spent a rainy afternoon this week playing with them.

ReviewsIMG_0254I’ve been sent two of these selfie phone clips from Paladone. One for review and another to giveaway on my blog. I’m terrible at taking selfies someone’s head always gets cut out of the photo.Hopefully this will help.

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Have you had anything nice arrive in the post this week ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

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Look In My Letterbox

It’s been a slow week for any sort of post arriving, but I do have a few things to show you at least for this weeks look in my letterbox. I’ve taken some time to indulge and rediscover my love of entering competitions so I’m hoping to see the results of that soon, I keep missing out on the freebies but I am being so selective as to what I bring in to the house and I’m trying to think more about quality over quantity.

ReviewsIMG_0169[1]The Johnson’s baby wipes are a product test for the Mumsnet Insight panel. We use baby wipes for absolutely everything not just nappy changes so extras are always welcome.IMG_0189[1]We have been sent this adorable Woodland Fairy Door by interplay to review. There’s a perfect spot for it in the garden so look out for Daisy’s review on the blog soon.

FreebieIMG_0179[1]I used the last of Johnson’s baby club points to order these messy mats for Daisy and Jake. The scheme is closing in July but we’ve had so many lovely books from it that I can’t complain. If you do have points make sure you use them soon.


The Degustabox delivery seems to be getting earlier each month but I’m not complaining. We love getting a box full of delicious surprises every month.

What have you had in the post this week ? leave me a comment below as I love hearing from you.

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Look In My Letterbox

This week has been a good week for nice parcels arriving, I have one prize, a few freebies, a few review items and a purchase to show you in this weeks Look In My Letterbox.

I’m expecting the next few weeks to be a little bit lean as I’m spending some time away from my usual pursuits to do some home improvement and organisation, I know I won’t be able to resist the call of comping and bargain hunting totally so I will have something to show you hopefully.



When I was at Blog On I entered a few of the prize draws that the brands were running and was delighted when I had an email to say I could choose a pair of Hotter shoes to review, as much as I loved all the sandals I really wanted to try these Solar shoes with the Memorise foam insoles I want to get back into walking for exercise so I thought these would be perfect.



I’ve not been applying for free items to review on Amz just lately but I couldn’t resist this serum, I have tried a few of the PurOrganica skin products and I really like them.


I also got this facial steamer for free to review on Amazon, going to a beauty salon for a treatment is way out of my budget at the moment so being able to pamper myself at home is fantastic.


This arrived at just the right time as I’m on the last dregs of my usual moisturiser, it’s from Bzzz Agent I haven’t done many campaigns recently but really wanted to try this as my skin tends to get dry over the Summer.



I’m really happy with this months Pop In A Box subscription, I wanted this Batman to add to my collection, I love not knowing what pop will arrive next.

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Have you had anything nice arrive this week ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

Angela xx


Look In My Letterbox

I have a few nice freebies and one lovely swap to show you for this weeks look in my letterbox, this week has been stressful and busy so it always cheers me up when little treats arrive.



This Liz Earle freebie came from their Facebook page, I’ve tried the cleanse & polish before and it’s a fantastic product.


I love trying out these little luxury samples of moisturiser, this Lancome one came from SoPost.


This Microfibre travel towel was free from Amz reviews, I thought it would be good for day trips in the Summer.


I wasn’t sure this jewellery making kit offer had worked but it arrived just a few days later, the beads are really good quality.


These Nescafe sticky notes are from another SoPost offer on Twitter you could choose surprise gift 1 or 2, I think a lot of people got mugs.

Happy Mail


This beautiful bundle of loveliness came from a stationery swap I took part in, it’s so nice to receive such lovely little surprises in the post. I’m quite new to the world of pen pals and stationery swaps and I wish I had started sooner as it’s so much fun.

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Have you had anything nice arrive in the post this week ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.

Angela xx



Look In My Letterbox

I’ve had a pretty good week for goodies arriving through my letterbox, I was starting think I had been blacklisted for freebies as I kept seeing them arrive for other people and not for me but the postie handed me a lovely bundle of them this morning so all was not lost.



I redeemed my points for another ‘That’s Not My’ book from Johnson’s baby club, Jake loves these books and has a really nice collection of them now.  All the items have been reduced in points and the club is closing in July so if you have any points saved up I suggest you redeem them soon.


One of the best things about reviewing products for Amz Reviews is that sometimes sellers contact you directly about reviewing their products, I get a lot of offers that I turn down as I won’t review something I don’t need or wouldn’t use. This moisturiser arrived just in time as I had just run out of the one I had been using.


I applied for this Red Bull ages ago and almost given up hope that it was going to arrive, I love the way they package their freebies.


I think razors have to be in my top 5 favourite things to get for free as they can be so expensive to buy.


I wasn’t sure whether to class this as a freebie as I did have to put some effort in to earn it, I redeemed it from Consumer Pulse, I’ve got a nice little stack of them now all ready for Christmas.



It really is my month for DVD prizes, I won this awesome lot from a blog competition, Daisy and I were both very excited when they arrived.



After much debating I decided to go ahead and sign up with Pop In A Box it’s a monthly subscription service where you can choose how many pops you want to receive and also reject any your not interested in, I love the surprise element of it and I got this big pop as my first one, the picture doesn’t do it justice it’s twice the size of the usual ones. If you use my link you can get 20% off your first pop in a box.

IMG_9643[1] IMG_9646[1]

I was quite surprised to get the Degustabox early this month and I’m really happy with everything inside, I love opening this surprise food box.


I’m going to my first blogging conference next week so I thought I better get all professional and get myself some business cards, I bought them from Moo they had so many designs to choose from and I’m really happy with the quality.

Have you had anything nice arrive this week ? Do you get any subscription boxes ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

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Angela xx

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