Almost Spring

I used to think that Winter was my favourite season but the last few years have seen me slowly change my mind. Of course I love Christmas and the seasonal loveliness it brings. The past few Winters have been nothing but grey and dismal. Instead of snow we’ve had rain and constantly fluctuating temperatures. This has made me yearn for Spring more than ever.

This year I have noticed what a negative effect Winter has had on my physical and mental health. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything like seasonal affective disorder but I definitely do suffer some form of blues quite badly around this time. In the past I’ve suffered from a Vitamin D deficiency but I know take supplements which do help somewhat.

Last weekend I felt the need more than ever to get out and search for the first signs of Spring. Here in the UK Spring officially starts on March 20th but I knew if I searched hard enough I could find what I was looking for. I was also desperate to feel the sun on my skin and get some fresh air in my lungs.

With no sign of rain we set off to visit one of our favourite places. Acorn Farm is a small community run farm near Knowsley. I’ve blogged about our visits a couple of times. The children love the animals and the parks, but for me it’s more about the sensory garden and the little woodland walk.

There’s a herb garden where the plants are already flourishing. We spent some time smelling the leaves and branches and guessing which herbs they were. The sensory garden was alive with signs of Spring. From the tall yellow daffodils to the stunning purple crocuses, it couldn’t help but to lift my spirits.

I don’t know whether it’s a part of getting older but I certainly don’t remember taking this much notice of flowers and plants in my younger days. I also notice and appreciate the signs of seasonal changes so much more now too.

It was so lovely to do something as a family. Our weekends can often be busy and time together can sometimes become neglected.

Those few hours outside, surrounded by nature with the sun on my face made me feel happier than I have in a little while. So I welcome Spring with open arms, ready for growth and renewal.



Word of the Week – Bloom

This weeks word of the week is bloom, I’ve always loved visiting gardens and admiring the beautiful array of colourful flowers and plants but I have never been much of a gardener myself and I decided this year I wanted to change that.

word of the week (1)

My next door neighbour has the most beautiful garden and when some of her flowers started to grow under our fence it gave our garden a wonderful splash of colour and attracted bees and butterflies, I wanted to grow some flowers myself, I have started off small with a couple of baskets and a little plant I bought at Daisy’s school.

IMG_0610[1] IMG_0611[1]

Daisy and I also planted some sunflower seeds and they are growing well, I’ve just re-potted them so they can continue to grow strong and tall.

IMG_0608[1] IMG_0609[1]

For someone who usually kills cactus I’m really pleased with how well our little collection has bloomed, I love the ritual of watering them in the early evening after a warm day and I love checking on them in the morning to see if any new buds have appeared.

I’m definitely going to invest in some more plants and flowers next Spring and Summer, I think it’s wonderful how much joy a bloom can bring.

I’m linking up with Jocelyn from the Reading Residence for Word of the Week.

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Do you enjoy flowers in your garden ? leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.

Angela xx

Spring Half Term At The Webster’s

We are just coming to the end of the Spring half term so I thought I would share with you some of the things we have done, the first week was a total wash out as we all felt pretty lousy being struck down with the dreaded lurgy yet again, we spent most of the week in terrible moods feeling sorry for ourselves and snoozing the afternoons away.

I was determined that we would pack in as much as we could in the last week of half term to make up for it, we had a fairly mixed week weather wise so on the days that the sun shone we made the most of it by visiting the local park and playing in the garden.

IMG_9533[1] IMG_9528[1] IMG_9576[1]

On the days we had to spend indoors we packed in some activities like play-doh, jigsaws, drawing and of course lots of playing.

IMG_9538[1] IMG_9548[1] IMG_9550[1]

We also watched some films together on the wet afternoons.

When Daddy was off work at the weekend we took a trip to Walton Gardens, they have a fun park, a small zoo and beautiful gardens to wander round all for the price of parking, you should know by now how much we love a frugal day out. It was lovely to see all the signs that Spring is well and truly under-way.

IMG_9455 IMG_9459 IMG_9456 IMG_9497 IMG_9488 IMG_9504

The week ended perfectly when we found out that Daisy has a place in September at the school where she’s been going to nursery, I’m so happy for her as she has made some lovely friends and the school and teachers are brilliant.

Although Spring half term got off to a bad start for us we have had a fantastic last week, I’ve really enjoyed spending so much time as a family without having to do a million and one other things.

How was your half term ? what did you get up to ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

Angela xx