Word of the Week-Rain

This weeks word was almost going to be pancakes but after being defeated by them twice this week I’m going with rain. Rain has certainly dominated the school run this week, I’m still waiting for my shoes to dry out.

Our route to school runs alongside a brook that usually holds very little water. It was such a shock on Tuesday to see it actually flowing and almost full ! Not to mention the size of the puddles that I had to carry Daisy through.

Along with the rain came snow, sleet and hail stones. Daisy and Jake were really excited about the huge puddles and the chance of snow. Me not so much I was freezing with soggy shoes wishing someone would carry me over the puddles.

I haven’t even had the option of an umbrella as Jake has had to go in the buggy while it’s been pouring down. I can’t wait for the day when I have both my arms free again.

Getting Daisy to school on Thursday for World Book Day in her Rapunzel dress was interesting. I think she must be the first fictional princess to wear welly boots.

Having looked at the weather forecast this morning it looks like rain is going dominate for the weekend too. Oh well it’s nice weather for ducks as they say.

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Word of the Week – Pamper

This weeks word is Pamper. I still have this hacking cough, I just can’t shake it and now the children have it too. I have read a few articles that say that this Winter cough could last at least 3 weeks ! Over the weekend Daisy and I had a pamper evening and I’ve carried on with some self care throughout the week.

As parents it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves as well as our children. I’ve found it very difficult this week, feeling poorly myself and having to take care of two small humans has really taken it’s toll.

One way I’ve tried to make myself feel better is by following a new skincare routine. Just taking the time to cleanse and moisturise each morning has made me feel so much better. I’ve also been using an eye cream that illuminates which has certainly helped hide the evidence of sleepless nights.

I treated myself to a lovely face mask, some new make up and  and I’ve even painted my nails. It’s felt so good to do something for myself.

I just need to win a spa break now so someone else can pamper me.

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Word of the Week – Slow

This weeks word of the week is slow. I’ve chosen this word for a couple of reasons. On Monday I woke up with a cold nothing unusual there you might be thinking, well the problem was I already had a cold.

Yes you heard that right I woke up with a cold on top of the one I already had. I had incredibly managed to catch two types of cold virus at the same time both with their own special array of symptoms.

This is where the slow part comes in, for the first time ever I forced myself to really slow down. In fact I just stopped, I didn’t do any work, I didn’t hoover and I certainly didn’t cook. If you knew me you would know that I don’t just stop or slow. I struggle on, I grin and bare it, but not this time. This time I listened to myself, there’s a first time for everything I suppose.

When the thoughts about the washing basket or the huge stack of reviews and blog posts I needed to write crept in I batted them quickly away. Instead of simultaneously checking every social media platform I’m on I’ve been leaving my phone in another room. I actually lay on the sofa and watched the whole of a movie with no interruptions or distractions. I honestly can’t remember the last time I did that.

Things are slowly returning to normal, I’ve written some posts and the house is clean. As normal service resumes I realise that that double whammy of viral nasties was an absolute blessing in disguise. I needed to slow down, no I needed to stop.

What I’m taking away from my week of slow is that although I know I’m capable of so many things I’m not capable of them all at once.

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Word of the Week – Bubble

This weeks word is bubble. I’ve really struggled with choosing this weeks word, it’s been a rough week full of coughs, colds and grumpiness. It’s also been a week of despairing at the media and how they often misinform and sensationalise the ‘news’. I’m not one for airing my opinions in public about politics as I feel it’s such a private and individual thing.

I wrestle with wanting to be informed on world matters but at the same time also wanting to shut it all out. I like to seek out all the information before I form my own opinion but lately this is becoming almost impossible.

I’m coming to the conclusion that I might be better off living in my own little bubble. Why read about crazy people in charge of countries when I could read about random acts of kindness. Should I fret over the poor state of the economy or should I worry about whether to wear stripes or spots ?

Do I want to take up brain space with despair and worry when I could fill it with happy shiny pieces of positivity ? Does it make me shallow and unrealistic if I choose to live in my bubble ? I honestly don’t know the answer at the moment and until I do I’m happy to reside here.

For now the news will stay turned off and I will continue to seek out the stories that inspire and lift me. If that makes me ignorant and a pollyanna then so be it.

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Word of the Week – Procrastination

I realised something this week, despite being an organised person I’m also suffering from procrastination. I’ve caught myself way too many times lately saying or thinking ‘I will do that tomorrow’. I’ve become an expert in leaving things right until the last minute and found myself frantically trying to keep up. Procrastination is definitely my word of the week.

At the moment I have huge piles of paperwork that desperately needs sorting but I keep moving it around. I’ve been putting off appointments I need to make. Housework and homework are being left until the last possible moment.

Decisions need to be made but procrastination is creeping in there as well. I think the problem at the moment is that life is really busy and I’m trying to squeeze it all in. Luckily I’m not feeling overwhelmed just very disorganised.

I believe that you start to solve a problem first by identifying it and then finding tools and methods to tackle it. So that’s what I intend to do.

I’ve started using the notes app on my phone along with dictation so as soon as something pops in my head I make a note. I then go through the list of notes I’ve made tackling each thing before moving on to the next.

Watching organisation videos on YouTube is really helping to motivate me too. I’m trying to go with a rule I saw on a video that you should only touch an item once, this really works.

By adopting a few new tactics I’m hoping I won’t be suffering from procrastination for very long.

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Word Of The Week – Hair

Isn’t it funny how sometimes your week takes on a theme all by itself. My word for this week is hair and here’s why.

Did you have an appointment for today ?

My cousin and I visit a lovely hairdresser every few months. She has a salon in her house and her prices are fantastic. We had to cancel our November appointment and the next available appointment she had was in January.

When we knocked on the door we were met with a really confused looking hairdresser. The poor lady was distraught that she had forgotten to write our appointment down, she’s such a lovely lady and couldn’t apologise enough. We all had a giggle and re-booked for this weekend. I will admit I had been looking forward to that haircut all week, there’s nothing nicer than a fresh cut and a bit of pampering.

After 10 years

I’ve only ever known Chris with long hair, he started growing it in 2006. When we met in 2010 and it was lovely and long with curls at the bottom. For the past few years it’s really started to get on his nerves for one reason or another and he often made grumblings about cutting it. We had to buy some clippers this week so it seemed the perfect time for him to go ahead and do it.

I won’t lie I watched in horror as he chopped all his beautiful hair off, sweeping it up afterwards was painful too. It does look good though and at least he’s still got his beard I suppose.

Traumatic Trimmings 

Despite going to the hairdressers since he was 10 months old Jake hates having his hair cut with a passion. The last time we took him he kicked the hairdresser and almost ended up with scissors stuck in his ear. He bawled, screamed and tantrumed all the way through.

Chris and I both agreed that we couldn’t put a poor hairdresser through that ever again. With Jake’s hair flopping in to his eyes we decided we would have to bite the bullet and tackle it with clippers at home. Let’s just say it didn’t go well, it had to be done and we got on with it. We spent the whole evening feeling like terrible parents and will certainly putting the next cut off as long as possible.

Poor Barbie !

Daisy’s antics with a pair of scissors and a Barbie doll brought much light relief to our week of hair. After the kids bedtime I heard little feet running across our bedroom which is directly above the living room. I shouted up to Daisy to see what she was doing, she said she had been the toilet. I thought nothing more of it and told her to get back in to bed.

What a shock I had when later that night I found a pile of blonde hair on my bed. With Sherlock type skills I deduced that some poor dolly had been the victim of a 5 year old wannabe hairdresser. The trail of blonde wisps led me to the poor plastic victim.

Chris and I giggled, we were more relieved that she hadn’t cut her own hair. I didn’t get cross because I remember doing exactly the same when I was a little girl. When I asked her what happened the next morning she told me Barbie wanted a new hair-do. Needless to say my nail scissors are well out of Daisy’s reach in case she get’s any styling urges in the future.

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Word of the Week – Solo

This week saw Chris take a training course in Birmingham a lot sooner than we expected. This left me to parent solo for a few days. Hats off to those who parent solo all the time, it’s a lot tougher than I expected but not for the reasons you might think.

He was originally due to go in February but a space became available this month so off he went. On Tuesday he commuted which meant he didn’t arrive home until after the kids bedtime. Wednesday night saw him staying away from home overnight in a hotel. He finally arrived home on Thursday night meaning we had barely seen him since Monday.

I was worried that the kids might be upset, we have a pretty good routine going on and Daddy always reads the bedtime story. Thanks to the wonders of technology he still got to read to them on Wednesday night. The kids wwre delighted that Daddy had taken their favourite book with him. They sat so nicely and listened and it was so lovely to watch.

I think most of all it was me that found it tough. Chris and I have only spent a few nights apart, usually due to hospital stays. I missed him terribly and I will admit I had a little cry. I’m a big softy at heart and I’m not ashamed to say so.

I wasn’t worried about parenting solo, it’s the loneliness that bothered me. I’m a total chatterbox and I love having someone here to share my day with and chat about nonsense. We did video call just before bed and he even offered to stay on all night so I could here him snoring. I declined his kind offer !

I’m so thankful that overnight stays apart are not part of our regular routine. I know some families don’t have a choice and that makes me really sad.

On the positive side the training has taught Chris new skills and that’s always a good thing. I’m now looking forward to a weekend all together.

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Word Of The Week – Cosy

I usually find January a really tough month, it’s dark and damp outside and Spring seems a long way off. This year I’ve decided that January is going to be a great month and I’m focusing on the positives. I’ve chosen the word cosy as I’ve really enjoyed snuggling up at home this week.Daisy went back to school on Tuesday and at first the thought of the freezing cold school runs filled me with dread. Instead I decided to think about how warm the house would feel on my return. I thought about the streaming hot cup of coffee waiting for me and the fluffy blanket on the sofa.

Changing my thoughts really gave me an extra spring in my step and made that cosiness of home feel even more inviting.

Another place that has become even more cosier than usual this week has been our bed. Over the Christmas break we indulged in a few rare lie-ins. Getting back into our usual morning routine has been so hard. To combat this I’ve been setting the alarm five minutes early so I can really appreciate the cosiness before starting the day.

I’ve also made sure that my softest comfiest jumper has been on hand for the chilly afternoons. In the evenings we have consumed lots of episodes of Gilmore girls whilst we burn some Winter scented candles. I truly have revelled in feeling cosy this week.

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Word of the Week – Plan

Plan is my word for this week. I’m more than ready to plan for 2017 after all the madness of Christmas and the days in between where you are not sure what actual day it is.I have bought myself a new bullet journal, I’ve chosen this beautiful yellow as I have a feeling the new year will be very bright.Earlier this week I made a plan of action for the great Christmas clear out and Chris and I sat down to plan our goals for 2017.

I don’t really make resolutions any more but I do write goals for myself, for our family and this blog. I’m a natural planner and organiser it’s my sweet spot. I feel most at home when I’m filling in my journal.

Some of the things I’ve been planning this week include:

Our summer holiday

A new blogging schedule


Financial goals 

A new work schedule (for me)

Potty training for Jake

Our meal plan

Although I love planning I don’t let it get my down if things change or go the way I want them to. I think for me it’s the process of planning that I enjoy the most. Here’s to a brand new year full of opportunity.

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Word of the Week – Christmas

What other word could there be this week than Christmas. The last presents have been wrapped, the tub of chocolate has been opened and food shop has been done.

I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom several times over. The kids are full to the brim with excitement and the CBeebies panto has been on repeat since weekend.

I had lots of last minute work come in this week so things have been hectic to say the least. I’ve decided that what doesn’t get done tonight will have to wait until after Christmas. I’m well and truly ready for a break from the daily grind.It’s been so nice having Daisy home this week, we have done lots of fun little festive activities. I’ve even had a lie-in which is a rarity in this house. On Christmas eve our house will be full of family and delicious food. The children will get the jam packed hamper I’ve put together for them.

The evening will be spent trying to sneak presents under the tree and building a dolls house. Chris and I will then spend some time together watching a film, I’m opting for Scrooged this year.Of to bed we will go in anticipation of an early morning wake up call from excited children. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wish all of you lovely readers and fellow bloggers a very happy Christmas, Thank you for all your support this year and for returning each week to read my waffle. 

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