Word of the Week – Plan

Plan is my word for this week. I’m more than ready to plan for 2017 after all the madness of Christmas and the days in between where you are not sure what actual day it is.I have bought myself a new bullet journal, I’ve chosen this beautiful yellow as I have a feeling the new year will be very bright.Earlier this week I made a plan of action for the great Christmas clear out and Chris and I sat down to plan our goals for 2017.

I don’t really make resolutions any more but I do write goals for myself, for our family and this blog. I’m a natural planner and organiser it’s my sweet spot. I feel most at home when I’m filling in my journal.

Some of the things I’ve been planning this week include:

Our summer holiday

A new blogging schedule


Financial goals 

A new work schedule (for me)

Potty training for Jake

Our meal plan

Although I love planning I don’t let it get my down if things change or go the way I want them to. I think for me it’s the process of planning that I enjoy the most. Here’s to a brand new year full of opportunity.

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Word of the Week – Christmas

What other word could there be this week than Christmas. The last presents have been wrapped, the tub of chocolate has been opened and food shop has been done.

I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom several times over. The kids are full to the brim with excitement and the CBeebies panto has been on repeat since weekend.

I had lots of last minute work come in this week so things have been hectic to say the least. I’ve decided that what doesn’t get done tonight will have to wait until after Christmas. I’m well and truly ready for a break from the daily grind.It’s been so nice having Daisy home this week, we have done lots of fun little festive activities. I’ve even had a lie-in which is a rarity in this house. On Christmas eve our house will be full of family and delicious food. The children will get the jam packed hamper I’ve put together for them.

The evening will be spent trying to sneak presents under the tree and building a dolls house. Chris and I will then spend some time together watching a film, I’m opting for Scrooged this year.Of to bed we will go in anticipation of an early morning wake up call from excited children. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wish all of you lovely readers and fellow bloggers a very happy Christmas, Thank you for all your support this year and for returning each week to read my waffle. 

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Look In My Letterbox

I forgot to include one of my prizes in last weeks look in my letterbox so I think I will mention that first. After entering every competition going I won tickets to Winter Wonderland in Manchester. You can read all about our visit in my word of the week post.

Here’s what arrived this week.

PrizesDecember is advent competition season and although I’ve not entered as many as usual I’ve still won a few. I won this In the Night Garden Live calendar in their instant win competition. I won one last year as well so this will be taking it’s place in 2017.I won this cute little hot chocolate stick from the Mint Velvet advent competition.
Jake and Daisy were very happy when this prizes arrived. I won this Teletubbies Tubby Snowball DVD from Confessions from a Crummy Mummy blog.

FreebiesA handy little desk top calendar arrived from Jack Daniels. They often send nice little freebies throughout the year. There are also competitions to enter that are exclusive to mailing list subscribers.

Secret Santa

I took part in two online Secret Santa exchanges this year and they both arrived this week. I jokingly asked for Tom Hardy on my Secret Santa wish list and this beauty arrived. I won’t describe to you my excitement upon opening, I will spare you the details.

Reviews Look out in the new year for a review of these new McVitie’s Digestives To Go. It’s a tough job being sent biscuits to try but someone has to do it. 

Word of the Week – Fun

We have all had a little fun this week of one variety or another. Monday evening saw us visiting Winter Wonderland in Manchester, I won tickets after entering every competition I could find. We went two years ago and had a wonderful time so I wanted to repeat the experience.

After tea we bundled the children in to the car and told them we were just nipping out. We wanted it to be a surprise and Daisy didn’t guess until we pulled in to the car park at Event City. We saw a lady taking two reindeer for a walk, not something you see every day. After collecting our tickets we enjoyed some live music before entering the exciting wonderland.

There were so many rides for the children to go on, they were spoilt for choice. We already knew that Daisy loves fairground rides but Jake had never been before. We needn’t have worried as he took to them like a duck to water and didn’t want to get off. 

Daisy and Jake spotted the Pip Ahoy! salty cove beach and spent some time building sandcastles. Jake even had his photo taken with Pip. After three hours of fun we were exhausted and headed home, way past our bedtime but very happy.The fun continued for Daisy with her class Christmas party and Christmas dinner. She came home with a book bag full of cards and crafts and a present from the class Santa.

Chris will also be having fun as he’s watching the new Star Wars movie as I type. I surprised him with tickets as I know he would never book them himself.

Jake and I have had our usual fun at home so it’s been a good week all round.The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Car

This week we have had some problems with our car so I thought it would be the perfect word. Our car is called Valerie and she’s a bit of an old girl. We bought her second hand earlier this year with the profits from matched betting after being car free for almost 18 months.word-ofthe-weekOn Sunday night Chris popped out to drop some parcels off for me and that’s where the problems began. It was quite frosty and cold that evening and as he opened the driver side window it got stuck. I’m not entirely sure of what happened next as it all sounded a bit technical but to cut a long story short the window ended up falling right inside of the door.

Poor Chris came home so frustrated, it was pitch black and freezing cold but he knew he couldn’t it like that overnight.

He spent ages outside with only the light of our living room lamp and managed to remove the door panel to get the window out but there was no way he would be able to fix it in the dark. Reluctantly he boarded the window up for the night, after removing the car seats and bringing them inside of course.

On Monday after a driving all day for work and getting stuck in traffic he came home, wolfed his tea down and got on with trying to fix the window.

He at least had a flood light type thing this time. He spent hours outside and some colourful language could be heard but he finally got the window back in. It will need looking at properly soon and we daren’t roll it down.

To add insult to injury when we tried to go shopping the following night the battery was totally flat. Chris had to knock on about 10 different neighbours doors to borrow some jump leads. He managed to get the car going but he sat outside with the engine running while I rushed round Aldi for the shopping just to be safe.

Today Valerie started up no problem so maybe it was just her turn to have an off week, who knows.

I do love having a car again but there is always that niggling little worry at the back of my mind especially this time of year. I think I will give her a good clean this weekend. Make her feel loved then hopefully she will continue to be kind to us.

Do you have a name for your car ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.


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Word of the Week – Birthday

This weeks word is Birthday. My eldest daughter and I both celebrated our birthdays this week. She was born the day after my 20th birthday and I wrote a blog post called ‘Now you are Nineteen’ for her.

My husband being the lovely man he is booked a couple of days off work so I could indulge in a few treats. On the morning of my birthday I didn’t have to lift a finger. A bacon butty with brown sauce was made for me and I enjoyed a leisurely morning.

I got some lovely presents which included a Smiggle advent calendar from the children and two brilliant Pop Funko figures. I also received some money as I love choosing some things for myself.img_30241 img_30271 img_30331In the afternoon we finished the Christmas shopping. I spent some of my birthday money on some candles, a lovely soft blanket and a few other things.img_30291In the afternoon I climbed under the duvet where I binge watched ‘Gilmore Girls’ and entered some competitions. I had my traditional birthday tea, corned beef mash followed by a slice of black forest gateaux. A strange combination but my absolute favourite foods in the world.

Tomorrow my daughter and I are off to town to treat ourselves with lots of goodies. Primark, Paperchase and Lush are all on the agenda. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together so planning a trip to town for our birthdays is really special to us.

This year is the last in my thirties and I intend to make it a good one.celebrateWhat do you do to celebrate your birthday ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you. I might not always reply but I do read and appreciate every single comment.



Word of the Week – Proud

This week has given me a few reasons to feel proud so I thought it would be the ideal word for this week.word-of-the-weekDaisy has been chosen to play one of the most coveted parts in the school nativity play, she’s going to be Mary. I remember feeling so envious of the girl who got to be Mary when I was at primary school although I’m not sure why as I was a total introvert and would have frozen on stage.

I’m proud not because she got the part, but because she has the confidence to play a main part, she believes in herself and let’s nothing stop her.

On Wednesday night we went to parents evening where her teachers told us how well she is doing with her reading, writing and maths but that’s not what made me proud the most. They told me that Daisy was kind, caring and confident, all the things that I believe are most important.img_29231Finally I’m proud of myself, I’ve been suffering some symptoms of stress recently and instead of pushing on with things I stopped and admitted to FrugalMrW just how bad I had been feeling. I wrote down all the reasons I’ve been feeling stressed and made a plan of how to tackle them one by one. This might not seem like that a big a deal but for someone with a huge type A personality like me it’s an achievement.

I’m linking up with Jocelyn from The Reading Residence for Word of the Week.

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What has made you proud this week ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.


Word of the Week – Hope

After a tumultuous week for the world I could quite easily have chosen despair as my word of the week but instead I’m choosing hope.hopeIt’s probably obvious that I purposely steer away from blogging about current affairs and my view and opinions about things like politics and religion. I have no desire to write controversial content but I will say that many events this year have just made me feel sad and worried for the future of our society.

I started thinking about how I could make a difference in the world, I’m only one person and I’m never going to be able to change the world. What I can do is hope and as they say be the change that I want to see.

My children will grow up in a loving, accepting and tolerant house. They will learn about diversity and equality and why it is so important for the whole world.

They will learn that they can fall in love with whoever they choose and make friends regardless of gender, colour or creed.

I hope that we as parents will be a good example to them. I hope they will always choose love over hate and kindness over cruelty.

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Word of the Week-Friendship

This weeks word of the week is Friendship. We are almost at the end of the first week of the October half term school holiday and it’s been a busy one so far, we haven’t ventured far from home but we have kept ourselves busy with crafts, baking and visit’s from friends.word-of-theweekDaisy has been eagerly awaiting this break from school, not just because it falls over Halloween but because she knew her best little friend who had to go to a different school in September would be visiting.

I kept the actual day of the visit a secret from here so when there was a knock on the door yesterday afternoon you can imagine her delight when she saw who was on the other side of it.

During nursery they were inseparable and as we live close by we shared the school run route together too. The real big bonus is that I have also found friendship with the child’s mum so it was just as lovely for me to have them visit as well.

As you can imagine there was a lot of excitement and giddiness that afternoon but also lots of cuddles and you could see just how much they have missed each other. When it came time for them to leave there were sad faces but we will see each other again soon just before Christmas.

Watching there friendship grow has been just wonderful and I hope they will remain firm friends all the way through childhood.

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Have you made any friends through your children ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.angela



Word of the Week-Moments

I treated myself to a new book last weekend one that’s been on my wishlist for a while and it’s given me the perfect word for this week.

The book is called “What I Know For Sure” by Oprah Winfrey which is made up of the columns she wrote over 14 years for her magazine ‘O’. It’s pages are motivational and uplifting and one particular page about how this moment right now is all we can be sure of has inspired me to start appreciating and taking notice fully of several ‘moments’ of my own this week.sunsetCoffee is my first moment each day, I enjoy it while the rest of the house is sleeping and I appreciate the silence and peace at the start of each hectic day.

The Moon is my second moment, it was still visible in the sky on the morning school run this week and it caused so much excitement to my little ones. Jake ran all the way home shouting and waving to ‘Mr Moon’ and ‘Moony’ I watched him in wonder as he took absolute joy in the moment.

Warm Cuddles is my third moment, the temperature has certainly dropped this week and our night time routine has involved cuddling up under our huge duvet together to listen to the bedtime story, I love watching the children’s faces as they listen intently.

Hot Showers is my fourth moment, I’ve taken my time to notice all the sensations like how the warm water feels on my skin and the beautiful scents of the products I use.

Learning is my fifth and final moment, instead of rushing through Daisy’s reading and homework tasks I’ve taken time to fully appreciate the way she learns, listening to how she forms the words and her concentration as she tries to cut round the dotted lines with her little scissors.

What have your moments been this week ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.

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