Toddler Makes – Easy Valentine Chocolate Treats

Hi Folks

I know I’m a little early for Valentines day but we have a busy weekend ahead with my stepsons coming to stay so I thought I would do an easy & simple but very fun activity with Daisy.

When my teenagers were little they loved making cornflake & rice crispy cakes so I thought I would adapt this idea slightly & make them suitable for Valentines day. I also made some Heart shaped chocolates using my silicone heart Ice-cube tray.


Corn Flakes
Milk Chocolate (I used cooking chocolate)
Pink Sprinkles or hearts
*I know a lot of people use golden syrup to make the cakes softer but I didn’t have any*


Break the chocolate into pieces & place them in a microwaveable bowl
Microwave until melted (make sure you keep checking & stirring so it doesn’t burn)
Pour corn flakes into melted chocolate & stir (add golden syrup if using that too)
Spoon mixture into cake cases & sprinkle to your hearts content !

Everything taste’s better when you have a chef’s hat on !

Super simple for little toddler hands.


Daisy doesn’t scrimp on the Sprinkles !

Add a little extra love with some fancy decorations.

Always lick the spoon afterwards, Daisy’s favourite part !

The finished result.

Chocolate Valentine Love Hearts

We used the sprinkles to line the bottom of the mold.

We poured the melted chocolate into the mold, we used milk chocolate but you could use white or dark or even experiment with a mixture.

The finished result, a little messy but they tasted delicious.

Daisy also had fun with the cute decorations afterwards.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below, I always read & reply.

Angela x


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