Webster’s Week In Review 4th-10th November 2013

Hi Folks

This week could possibly go down in history as the worst week at the Webster’s for 2013, it’s been a horrible, stressful week full of sickness and family strife.

Chris started to feel unwell on Tuesday night which turned out to be a stomach bug, Daisy caught it and it was awful seeing her so poorly, she just didn’t understand what was going on, then I started with it on Friday morning.

As we are a single income family it’s been a really worrying time, Chris won’t get paid for the time he has had to take off, it was totally unavoidable as I could not have taken care of Daisy on my own. I know we will manage, it just sucks that it’s happened now with Christmas so close.

On the good side ( because there always is one) , we are all feeling much better which is the most important thing.

Here are a couple of photo’s I did manage to take this week.

My first meal after feeling poorly, Chicken soup & toast, never fails to make me feel better !

Daisy with crazy hair after her bath.

I’m determined that this week will be a good week, so trouble, stress & illness you can come a calling but this week I’m ignoring you !

Angela x


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