4 Films To Watch With Your Kids This Halloween

This weekend we will be celebrating Halloween with some spooky activities, creepy cakes, pumpkin carving, scary games and fun films. I know that Halloween isn’t officially until Monday but we like to extend the celebrations by decorating the house and having film night every weekend in the run up.

Much to our delight Daisy and Jake recently discovered Tom and Jerry cartoons, it’s been lovely to sit and watch them together as Chris and I both loved them as children. If you or your little ones are classic cartoon fans then I recommend checking out these four Halloween specials.

Tom and Jerry’s Magical Misadventures

This contains seven magical episodes featuring Tom and Jerry, they get to visit creepy castles, wield magic wands and of course Tom gets to chase Jerry with comical and spooky results.

Tom and Jerry Tricks Or Treats 

There are twenty spooky Tom and Jerry episodes and two bonus Christmas/Winter themed episodes included. Tom and Jerry continue to outwit each other but come across witches, werewolves, Mummies and ghosts along the way.

Tom and Jerry Halloween Hijinks And Shrieks 

Tom and Jerry star in a collection of seven spooky episodes which include thrilling escapes and clever disguises as they continue their never ending cat and mouse chase.

Bug’s Bunny Howl-oween Special

Bugs Bunny stars in this Halloween special where he’s joined by other Looney Tunes favourites like Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales, Porky Pig and lots more.


You can find lots of other brilliant Halloween titles to buy on Amazon here.

What are your favourite Halloween films to watch with your kids ?


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