A Little Girl And Her Blanket

I remember thinking before Daisy was born that all babies had dummy’s (pacifiers), my two eldest children had always had them as did I when I was a toddler, so it came as quite a shock to me when Daisy wouldn’t even entertain the idea of having one popped in her mouth as a newborn.

A couple of months before Daisy was born I went to a baby show with my cousin where I bought some dummy’s with beautiful designs on them, I was feeling rather quite proud of my little self for being organised when my cousin said these shocking (at the time) words to me ‘don’t buy too many she might not take to a dummy’, I had never even considered that a baby wouldn’t !

Anyway to get to the point of the post Daisy doesn’t have a dummy for comfort she has blankets, many of them, too many to count, she has to have one with her (recently two) at all times, sometimes it seems like she has one permanently attached to her mouth and nose, ‘snugging’ it as we call it, I’m not complaining at all I find it so sweet, she is like Linus from Peanuts although I do wrestle them off her for a weekly wash.

A few months ago she began to show a preference to one over all the rest, her ‘pink blankie’ as she calls it must be available at all times for ‘snuggie’ emergencies, I’ve been wondering lately how long the blanket will last, will it end up a tattered little rag of a thing by the time she grows out of the need for it or will she keep it safe for the rest of her life to show her children and grandchildren, the latter thought I find really comforting for some reason.

Daisy can be quite mean about her blankies sometimes, don’t dare sit on one by accident or use one to cover Jake, her looks alone are enough to kill, but at the same time if she thinks you are sad or feeling poorly she will offer you a corner to ‘snug’ or if you pretend to be asleep she will cover you with it to keep you warm.

This little girl and her blankie melt my heart and I hope that she continues to find comfort from them for years to come.

As a side note Jake hasn’t taken to a dummy either so time will tell if he’s a ‘blankie snuggler’ too.

What do your babies use as a comforter ? Do you have a ‘snuggler’ in your house too ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.

Angela x

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