Celebrating #WorldBookDay 2015

Today saw Daisy celebrating world book day for the first time, when my two older children were at primary school there wasn’t a world book day or if there was it wasn’t widely celebrated so this was my first experience too.

I bought Daisy’s costume online from Asda, they had a fantastic range. I’m a big fan of the classic children’s fairy tales so decided on Little Red Riding Hood I think the fact it came with a little basket and finger puppets of Grandma and the big bad wolf swung it for me.

Daisy loved going off to school in her new costume this morning and had lots of fun when she was there, the class were concentrating on the Eric Carle classic ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

I’ve been slowly building up Daisy and Jacob’s book collection since they were born, they always have access to books, are members of the library and our bedtime routine of course involves a story.

Sharing books with your child is such an important part of their development, children love looking at picture’s, hearing words and sounds, turning pages, bonding with you, talking to you about the stories, the list really is endless.

Jacob was given his bookstart pack today very aptly, it has two lovely board books inside and lots of helpful information about reading with your children, it’s never too early to start a lifelong love of books with your little ones.

As a child I devoured books, I was a regular at the local library and my head was always stuck in a book, Roald Dahl stories were my favourite and I still have my old dog eared copies to this day.

I don’t get to read as often as I would like nowadays but the beauty of books is that you can return to reading at any time, I do have a Kindle but must admit to loving the smell of an old musty book, I know I’m a weirdo !

How did you celebrate world book day ? What did you love reading as a child ?

Angela x


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