Daisy’s First Week At Pre-School

Monday was the day I’d been dreading ever since I put Daisy’s application in last year, it would be her first step on the ladder of education but it would also be the day that I let my little girl out into the big bad world on her own, I know that sounds terribly dramatic but that’s how it felt.

You would think it would be like water off a ducks back to me, I have a 17 and a 15 year old who both survived primary school but that seems like a lifetime ago now, I think it felt different this time too as I gave up work when Daisy was born so we have spent all of our time together.

I knew that Daisy was more than ready to head off to pre-school, she’s such a friendly sociable child, she’s also very bright and inquisitive which I haven’t been able to nurture quite as much since Jake was born.

The Thursday before she started we had a home visit from her teacher and one of the teaching assistants, this is quite a new thing to me and I’m still not entirely sure why it’s necessary, the following day Daisy spent an hour at pre-school which she was very excited about, she looked most offended when I came to collect her.

Over the weekend we bought her uniform and PE kit, uniform is not compulsory but I like them as they look so sweet and of course it saves her good clothes from any damage.

As a side note, if you are ever stuck for finding the right size pumps, try Marks & Spencer’s they have a great range.

So Monday morning all nice and neat in her new uniform with her snack money in hand Daisy happily toddled into pre-school, I collected her a few hours later, she had a good morning and told me she was ‘humbry’ and wanted her lunch.

Each morning she goes in, hangs her coat on her peg, finds her name apple, puts it on the tree then practices writing her name, parents are encouraged to do this with their children which I think is nice.

I ask her each day what she’s been doing and the answer is always the same ‘dunno’ or ‘nuthin’ which I think is pretty normal, she always know’s what she’s had for snack funnily enough.

The new routine has been a bit of a shock to our systems and by Thursday afternoon we were all exhausted, once Daisy had finished on Friday we all had an afternoon nap !

Daisy seems happy and excited to go in each morning although she has brought home a nasty cold so this weekend hasn’t been much fun.

I have missed my little buddy but it’s also been nice to have a some time to myself, Jake has been napping in the mornings so I’ve been able to relax and enjoy the quiet.

So that’s it our life of school run’s, homework, school holiday’s and education has begun.

Have your little ones started pre-school recently ? how did they and you find the transition ? let me know in the comments, I always like to hear from you.

Angela x



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