Exploring Our Local Area: A Family Afternoon at Wigg Island

Last weekend was bad news for Chris’s work van as it failed it’s MOT but it was great news for us as it meant we had a courtesy car for the weekend, regular reader’s will know that we have been car-less for a few months, it’s currently sat on our drive waiting for it’s MOT next week, depending on the cost to repair we will decide whether to save the money to fix it or to become car free for the foreseeable.

We decided to take full advantage and visit a local beauty spot close to home, we chose Wigg Island in Runcorn, despite it being close to the power station and the very busy Runcorn bridge it’s actually very peaceful and a lovely to walk around.



The car park is free which always ticks a big yes box for us and there is absolutely nowhere to spend any money so again a huge tick in the frugal day out box.

Daisy loved having the freedom to run about, she love spotting the birds and although most of the canal walk is closed until October there was still a section open with plenty of ducks and swans for her to feed.



There are also a few wooden carved statues on the walk and some bird watching hides.

There is a visitor centre but we have never been when it’s open so I’m not sure what’s in there but Daisy loved the wind turbine that’s next to it.

We are so lucky to have all these lovely nature walks right on our doorstep and if our little car makes it we will definitely be exploring lots more.

Angela x


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