Fathers Day – Daddy Through The Eyes Of A 3 Year Old

This post is written specially for Fathers Day, I asked Daisy some questions about her Daddy and here are her answers.

1. What’s daddy’s name ?

Daddy Chris

2. What is something daddy always says to you ?

Love you

3. What makes daddy happy ?


4. What makes daddy sad ?

sad news

5. How old is daddy ?

old old

6. How tall is daddy ?

10 to 5 ????

7. What is daddy’s favourite thing to do ?


8. What is daddy good at ?


9. What does daddy do for his job ?


10. What is daddy’s favourite food ?


11. What do you and daddy do together ?

build blocks

12. Where is daddy’s favourite place to go ?

the park

13. What is daddy’s favourite song ?

let it go

14. How does daddy make you laugh ?


For you Chris, the bestest Daddy I know x


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