My Favourite Halloween Movies

I love seasonal celebrations so it probably comes as no surprise that I have some favourite movies for each occasion, with Halloween just around corner I thought I would share with you my top ten go to Halloween inspired movies.


1. Hocus Pocus simply has to be at the top of this list, not only does it star Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and the kid from Eerie Indiana it also has a talking cat what more could you want from a movie ? I think it’s the mix of cast, characters and music that makes this my ultimate favourite Halloween movie ( we will just ignore the fact is has a zombie in it).

2. A Nightmare On Elm Street was the first horror movie I ever watched, it terrified me and was followed by some questionable sequels but Johnny Depp being swallowed by a bed and Nancy getting ultra cool white streaks in her hair has me returning to it time and time again.

3. Poltergeist although I usually try and steer clear from films of a paranormal nature ( totally terrified) I can’t help but love this 1980’s classic, the clown scene is the reason I still check under my bed in my 30’s and shiver every time I hear the American national anthem (fuzzy tv scene).

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas , this is a tricky one because is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movies ? I don’t mind either way and I happily watch it during both seasons. If you haven’t seen this movie then why on earth not ! it’s spectacular.

5. The Craft is such an underrated film, teen witches, mean girls and magic make up this tale of four friends who use their powers to wreak revenge on those that have wronged them but face the consequences of using dark magic.

6. Halloween my list wouldn’t be complete without this classic 1970’s slasher film, it’s been the inspiration for many a modern horror movie and it doesn’t even matter that I can’t remember if Micheal Myers is still out there stalking babysitter’s I lost count after the Halloween part 7 !

halloween-1001677_19207. Ghostbusters I think this movie should probably a little higher up in my list as it’s such a classic, it’s funny, silly scary and action packed my ideal Halloween movie.

8. The Strangers I watched this at the Cinema and spent the whole time holding my breath, evil-doers in masks and random violence make this a white knuckle ride from start to finish.

9. Fun Size is a Halloween night based comedy and it’s not in the slightest bit scary which suits a wuss like me to a tee.

10. An American Werewolf In London it wouldn’t be Halloween with a werewolf thrown in for good measure, I’ve certainly never strayed on to the moors since watching this movie.

bat-988224_1920So that’s my list and from it you can probably tell I’m not a fan of modern day horror, give me an old classic or a fun film over blood, gore and ghosts any day.

What’s your ultimate Halloween movie ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

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Angela xx

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