On Your First Day Of Primary School

Here we are Daisy it’s the day you’ve been waiting for since last year when some of your friends from nursery moved up into the big school. You wanted to join them and found it hard to understand why you couldn’t but we reassured you that next year it would be your turn and you seemed happy with that.

This morning you looked so grown up in your smart new uniform, there were no nerves but that’s no surprise as always you embrace today with an unrelenting confidence just as do every day, excitement is your default setting and not apprehension and for this we are so proud.


I want to give you a little advice as you embark on this new chapter in your life.

Enjoy every moment, learn, play, make friends, sing, create and always dance to the beat of your own drum.

Be kind, if someone is having a tough day give them a smile or take their hand and help them to join in, you are such a friendly confident little girl and this is your unique gift which I know you will share with others.

If you ever feel sad remember that Mummy and Daddy and Jake will be here when you get home with a cuddle or a tickle whichever it is to make you feel better.

Never ever be afraid to make mistakes or to ask if you don’t understand something.

You have an amazing imagination and creativity and I hope they never dull, hold on tight to them.

One last thing my little girl, know you are loved unconditionally, always, no matter what.


Mummy & Daddy xx



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