Five things that annoy my two year old

I often write about how life is never dull with Jake my two year old. Jake is a mix of mischief and fun. A few months ago the terrible two’s took hold so I thought I would share with you in a lighthearted way five things that annoy him.five-thingsthatannoymytwo-year-old-1

1. Not being able to take a huge armful of teddies and toys on the school run. Twice a day without fail we have a full on meltdown when negotiations break down about swapping a huge dinosaur for a more child sized friendly plastic one.

2. Vegetables really offend Jake, he’s convinced that they are on a mission to poison him. He has taken a sacred vow that nothing green or nutritious will ever pass his lips.

3. Not being allowed to soak the bathroom floor and walls seriously pees this little monkey off. What is the point of water otherwise, getting clean is just no fun !

4. Walking in the same direction as Mummy and Daddy is such an annoyance, Jake wants to be off as fast as he can in the totally opposite way.

5. Being told NO is the thing that irritates Jake the most, woe betide anyone who dares to challenge his whims and wishes. img_1958I’m sure I could write a whole list of other things that annoy him but that would take me all day. Of course there are lots of things that Jake loves and he never fails to make us laugh and smile everyday in between the mini meltdowns.

What funny little things annoy your kiddos ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.





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6 thoughts on “Five things that annoy my two year old

  1. It always mystifies me how the whole world can seem like it’s ending for a 2 year old just because they can’t wear your pants on their head or because the toy is the wrong shade of orange, if only adulting was quite as easy!

  2. aw cute little boy! They are so fun after the meltdowns when you think about it… my 5 year old first words when going to sit on the table is ” I DON’T LIKE IT!” without even knowing what food it is! we are teaching her to say..”MMM! DELICIOUS!” she’s getting there… 😉
    Lovely post! x

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