Help Give A Child A Breakfast

Kellogg’s are aiming to provide 2 Million breakfast’s to children in need in the UK, I couldn’t believe it when I read that 1 in 7 children in the UK go to school without breakfast, it both saddened and shocked me.

We are always reading about food poverty in other countries but when it’s on your own doorstep it really brings the issue home to you, whatever your view might be about why these children are not being fed, please put them aside and have a read of the Give A Child A Breakfast website.

Kellogg’s are asking you to share, Tweet or watch a short video and they will donate a breakfast, their target is 2 Million and they are almost at a Million.

Here is Daisy enjoying her breakfast, I hope I never find myself in a position that a lot of parents are facing right now when trying to feed their families.

Angela x


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