Jacob At 10 Months Old

I’m a little bit late with Jakes update this month, the time seems to come round so quickly, I’ve been meaning to write this post all week.


The last couple of weeks Jake has been waking up around 5am ready to start his day, I’ve tried to settle him back to sleep but have unsuccessful, I’ve got a couple of ideas which I’m going to start trying but I think I’ve narrowed the problem down to two things, he’s either teething or hungry.

Jake still isn’t a great daytime napper but I am firm with him and I make sure he gets at least one decent nap a day.


This month I’ve been introducing a lot of new finger foods into Jakes diet which he is really enjoying, I’ve noticed that he has been bringing a lot of his morning milk back up so I’m thinking about reducing the amount to see if that helps.

Jake enjoys his food so I don’t really have any concerns.


This month saw Jake learning how to pull himself up using furniture, he loves being able to reach previously unreachable items, usually things he’s not allowed to have like the remote controls.

He can now crawl at speed and loves exploring other areas of the house.

I’ve noticed just in the last few days how much the way he interacts with us has changed, he’s talking at us a lot more, reaching out his hand and saying ‘Ta’ when he want’s something and shouting at us to get our attention. He’s playing with toys and trying to join in with what Daisy is doing.

Jake still only has one tooth and the dribble is back with a vengeance so hopefully another one will pop through soon.

I’ve really noticed Jakes little personality coming through, he’s getting a lot more affectionate and flashes you a cheeky grin if he’s doing something he shouldn’t be.


I will be back next month with his 11 month update.

Angela x


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