Jacob At 10 Weeks Old

How on earth did we get to ten weeks already ?, although at the same time it seems like just yesterday that I was fed up of being pregnant.

Even though ten weeks is such a short space of time we couldn’t imagine our lives without Jake in it.

I’ve noticed a few new things since my last post when Jake was eight weeks old  , I also think he may be teething.


Jake has several little naps during the day but at night he usually sleeps from about nine until five in the morning which is fantastic, both Chris and I are getting big chunks of sleep now which feels amazing.


We are down to six, six ounce bottles now instead of eight although he does have the odd day when we make a few extra, I think those days are due to him having a growth spurt.


I’ve not had him weighed in the last couple of weeks but he seems to have piled on the pounds overnight, some of his 0-3 month clothes have been outgrown and he has those real podgy baby legs and chin now.


Jake is such a happy smiley little boy, he had discovered his hands and loves chomping away on them or grabbing for his favourite toy. He loves having a right out kick and wriggle on his play mat and had attempted to roll on his side a couple of times.


I will be back at twelve weeks for another update.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, or ask me a question if there is anything you would like to know.


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