Jacob At 3 Months Old

Today Jake is three months old today, it really does seem a case of blink and you will miss it, it seems like only yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and now it’s hard to imagine what our life was like when he wasn’t in it.


Sleeping at night has improved both for Jake and for us, he usually goes down to sleep in his cot by 9pm where he sleeps until around 5am which I think is fantastic and it’s certainly made a huge difference to my quality of sleep.

The last few days I have noticed him falling into a little pattern with his day naps too, he seems to having a long sleep usually from about 12pm until 3pm, with several shorter naps throughout the day.


Jake is still having six 6oz bottles of formula (hungry baby) milk a day , he still cluster feeds in the evening which means he usually has two bottles in quick succession, I think he has suffered slightly with colic in the evening although it’s not been anywhere near as severe as Daisy was with it.


I had planned to go to the clinic and get Jake weighed this week but he’s had a little cough and cold this week and I’ve been rotten ill with a throat infection too so I didn’t fancy dragging us all out of the house. Jake doesn’t fit in any 0-3 month clothes anymore, he know fits nicely into 3-6 months sizes.


Jake is really alert all the time now when he’s awake, he loves bashing at the toys on his activity mat, he has a really strong grasp now so has been enjoying holding his blue giraffe soft toy and having a good old slobber all over it.

Jake was due to have his second set of immunisations this week but with us all being unwell we had to cancel, I was quite shocked when the clinic said it would be another six weeks before he gets another appointment, this is a little worrying and I can’t find much information on what effect this could have. I’m going to phone the health visitor on Monday and find out, has anyone else had this experience ?

I will be back at 16 weeks for another Jake update.

Angela x

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