Jacob At 4 Months Old

Today Jacob is exactly 4 months old, as each month passes I wonder where on earth the time has gone, it seems like yesterday he was a shiny new baby and now he is this little person with a personality all of his own !


Jake now sleeps on average about 11 hours during the night, he has his last bottle between 7.30-8.30 and is usually asleep by 9, this of course is wonderful for us, we are getting s much better quality nights sleep which is a relief as I’m terrible when tired.

Jake does nap during the day but at the moment it seems to be only when he is being held by me, this normally wouldn’t be a problem but when you have a toddler to look after as well it can prove quite difficult and if I’m honest a bit frustrating.


We have taken Jake down to five 6oz bottles , we found he was bringing a lot of excess milk back up after his feeds, he is still satisfied with the reduced amount and it’s not affected his sleeping.

I have tried him a few times with baby porridge when he has seemed hungrier, although he doesn’t dislike it he isn’t very interested so we are taking it slowly.


I had Jake weighed last week, he weighed 18lbs 3oz ! no wonder his 3-6 months clothes are a little snug. They don’t measure him at the clinic I go to so if anyone knows the best way to measure a baby at home please do let me know.


This week Jake discovered he has two hands and hasn’t stopped grabbing at the other, he finds it fascinating and spends ages just gazing at them. Jake loves watching what Daisy is doing and attempts to jump of my lap so he can join in, I’ve also noticed he can wriggle himself of his play mat, I never find him where I left him.

Jake loves sitting on my knee and can quite easily hold himself up now, his neck and muscle control is growing stronger everyday.

We are also at the wonderful stage where we can make Jake giggle, is there a nicer sound in the world than this ?

I spent a few days last week chasing up an appointment for the second lot of immunisations that Jake missed out, he finally has an appointment next week so I’m not looking forward to that.

I will be back next month with another update.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any comments or suggestions, I always read them and comment back.

Angela x


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