Jacob At 8 Months Old

I’m back with monthly updates about Jacob’s development, I’m really cross with myself for missing the 6 and 7 month updates as it’s lovely to look back as you  don’t notice how much your baby is changing and growing as it happens in the blink of an eye !


Since Jacob was born we have never been able to just put him down to sleep, we would have to wrestle him to get him to nap and bedtime was usually around 9.30pm after a stressful rocking session, once he was in his cot for the night we wouldn’t hear a peep out of him until around 6.30am so it wasn’t all bad news but the next day the cycle would startagain with him being cranky, grumpy, clingy and over tired.

I had read about sleep training and one of the families I watch on Youtube had great success with the method so Chris and I decided to give it a go, I know it’s not to everyone’s  taste but all I can say is I wish we would have done it sooner, the change in Jacob has been amazing, he’s like a different baby during the day and now goes to bed at 7pm each night and sleeps soundly until between 6.30-7am.

We still have some work to do trying to get Jake to take regular naps but I’m going to tackle that once Daisy is settled in pre-school and we start a new routine.

I will write a separate post about our experience of sleep training.


If you’ve read any of my earlier updates on Jake you will know that I kept trying to introduce Jake to solids from about 4 months but he wasn’t very interested, I decided to wait until six months on the dot and it worked.

He now has three meals a day with his milk inbetween , and a couple of little finger foods like cucumber or banana, he’s not so good with lumps but I’m going to continue introducing them gradually.


I don’t know how much Jake weighs as we haven’t been to clinic for ages but he’s been wearing 9-12 month clothes since around 6 months old, he’s a big solid boy.


Jake can sit up unaided and get into a crawling position himself, he comes up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth it’s only a matter of time before he learns how to crawl, he can make his way around the room on the belly well enough, he was playing with Daisy in her room and I found him under the bed.

Jake has only ever rolled over a handful of times, this goes to show how different all babies are and that some skip development milestones altogether and go onto the next stage.

Jake has been saying ‘Dad’ ‘Dadda’ ‘Mum’ since he was about 5 months old and he says something that sounds so much like ‘Daisy’ that it always takes us aback.

He is also enjoying smacking, bashing and pinching our faces which isn’t fun for us but he seems to love it.


I wrote a post when Jake was 10 weeks old as he seemed to be teething, here we are at 8 months with no teeth but huge amounts of dribble and only teasing signs of teeth, we can see them but the stubborn little pearls don’t want to come out of hiding just yet.

As with all teething babies some days are worse than others but I’ve found that Jake’s really taken to Bickie Pegs, they seem to help sooth his gums really well.

I love this stage of babyhood, learning seems to accelerate and these tiny little things become livewires with huge personalities, it seems like the difficult days and sleepless nights are behind us and the real fun can begin.

I will leave you with this photo of Jake and his Daddy just because I love it so much.

I will soon be back with Jake’s 9 month update.

Angela x

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