Jacob At 9 Months Old

In just 3 short month I can’t believe I will be writing Jacob’s 1 year update, I won’t say that the past 9 months have flown by but you just don’t realise how fast that first birthday comes around.

Jacob has officially been in the world as long as he was in my womb, now that’s a strange thought.


Jake’s sleeping has improved massively compared to a couple of months ago, adopting a firm routine at bedtime and sticking to it has made the world of difference, within 10 minutes of going in his cot he settles himself off to sleep, he has always been a brilliant night sleeper, he doesn’t wake up until between 6-6.30am the next morning.

Nap times during the day are still a bit of a battle, I try to make sure he has one good sleep in his cot where he will usually sleeps between an hour to 2 hours, then he has about a 45 minute to an hours nap on my lap.

I can’t begin to tell you how much his mood has improved since he’s been getting regular naps, I only wish I had been a little firmer from the start, he’s in such a happy mood when he wakes up and has lots of energy for exploring and playing.


Jake’s doing really well with lumpy food and finger food’s now, he wolf’s his meals down, he gets very excited at meal times, I try to mix me feeding him with some foods he can feed himself I find it’s a good balance.

He still has his formula milk but is down to 3 bottles a day, he has juice or water from his sippy cup.


I don’t know why I keep this part in the updates as I never take him to be weighed, Jake wears 9-12 months in most clothes but his t-shirt’s, jumpers & coat’s are all 12-18 months.

One thing that I can say is that his hair never seems to stop growing, he amuses us daily with his funny style’s !


Jake can now crawl, he can do a few shuffles on his hands and knees but prefers to commando style crawl as it’s a lot quicker.

Nothing is safe from his grasps now, he loves wires, his daddy’s guitar, the sky box and people’s feet especially if they are sporting a pair of shoes with laces on.

We took Jake to the doctor’s last week with some concerns about his legs, they have been making an awful clunking sound and he can move his whole knee cap that on top of him not liking to put weight on his legs had us a bit worried, I’m glad to say that it’s pretty normal and nothing to worry about.
I’ve noticed Jake reaching up for the couch and his toy box so I’m sure in his own time he will realise he can pull himself up.

Jake loves playing with his toys, he also loves looking at books and doesn’t try to eat them anymore.



Hooray I can finally say that Jake has some teeth through, his two bottom incisors have appeared, this also seems to have alleviated some of the dribbling.

Jake is still enjoying bashing and smacking at us, we do tell him no but he finds that even more amusing, poor Daisy bear’s the brunt of it luckily he doesn’t hurt her and she tells him no too, I’m sure he will grow out of it soon, it’s all about cause and effect at the moment.

I will be back next month with his 10 month update, who knows what he will be up to by then.



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