Jacob Gets A Haircut

Today Jacob had his first haircut, all his lovely crazy curls have been lopped off , today was a sad day for Mummy Webster but a happy day for Jacob who had started to resemble an old English sheepdog.

If you are a long time reader of my blog you will have seen many pictures of Jacob and his crazy hair, I’ve been quite reluctant to have it chopped until this week when I realised just how much it had grown and constantly needed moving to one side, I’m not ashamed to say (sorry Jake if you read this when you are older) that I have even resorted to popping a bobble in it.

Here are the many styles of Jacobs unruly hair.





Daddy Webster had to take Jacob to the hairdressers as I am still on total rest after my recent operation, he left the house looking all cherub like with his curly dark curls and came back looking like a proper grown up boy.


I must admit it looks a lot better and of course it’s good for Jacob not to have all those stray hairs poking in his eyes, I do hope those curls will grow back slightly though.

Did you feel emotional getting your babies hair cut for the first time ?



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