Jake At 8 Weeks Old

I’m not sure why but eight weeks seems like a milestone in the world of newborns, perhaps it’s because most babies begin to really smile, chuckle and interact with the world around them instead of snoozing, pooping and demanding milk every hour (or so it seems).

Jake is really starting to develop his own little character now, he loves spending time on his play mat, his favourite toy is ‘Rusty’ the Lamaze robot, he likes nothing more than having a good old chomp on his arm and will happily stay this way for an hour.


Jake loves it in his pushchair, it always chills him out and sends him to sleep, he likes being in the garden in it too and it keeps him well shaded.


A few times this week Jake has been wide awake after his middle of the night feed but you can forgive him when you get lots of smiles and adorable cooing from him.


He loves having a bath and his hair goes really fluffy and curly afterwards, he is the only one of my children who has inherited my curly wild when wet hair.


He still likes his sleep and his milk, I’ve never known a baby to guzzle so much I’m not sure where he puts it all, here he is in a milk induced snooze.

The broken sleep is still tough on me and his Dad but I’m hoping by the next update it should be a distant memory (I know I’m kidding myself aren’t I).

Angela x

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