Living Arrows 7/52 {2019}

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran.

Every Monday for the rest of this year I will share with you two photo’s of my children that celebrate their childhood.


The couch is where my poorly girl has spent all weekend. She caught chickenpox at the end of the week, initially she felt okay but then the more and more spots appeared making her feel absolutely miserable. It’s been horrible seeing my usual happy girl so upset and poorly. On Sunday she felt a bit brighter and even went in the garden for some fresh air, the majority of the itching seems to have eased thankfully.

Daisy now has the whole of half term to rest and get better and I’ve promised we can do some of her favourite things like baking and painting. I’m just crossing my fingers that Jake avoids catching it this time.


Jake is a bundle of energy at the moment which has been tough considering we have been stuck inside this weekend. He did bounce some of his energy off on the trampoline until the rain started. One of Jake’s favourite things to do indoors is to build, this is actually a giant Jenga game but he loves using them to build towers instead.

He had a great week at school last week, he got an award in assembly and got a special sticker at dinner time for clearing his plate too. This is an achievement for a fussy eater, sticking with school dinners has been the right decision as he’s eating so much better now.

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14 thoughts on “Living Arrows 7/52 {2019}

  1. Poor Daisy – I hope she’s feeling better now. Mine had chicken pox when they were two and a half and 8 months (one after the other). It was rough couple of weeks but I’m glad we got it over with before they were really old enough to understand. I hope Jake manages to avoid it! #LivingArrows

  2. Oh no! Poor thing I hope that it has not impacted on half term and I hope that Jake manages to avoid it. Sounds like he id doing really well with his school dinners. I have one fussy eater and one that will eat anything. Can’t figure out why they are so different!! x

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