May At The Websters {2018}

May has been a trying month to say the least. With building work going on, stir crazy children who can’t play in the garden and navigating grief it hasn’t been one of the better months. That’s why these monthly round up posts are invaluable to me, to look back on how much we have done in a month when it feels like nothing good has happened.

I feel like the whole of May has seen us waiting for things to happen, things like Jake’s birthday, the end of the building work, payday and our family holiday. In June I definitely want to learn to live in the moment a bit more.

Here’s what we got up to in May.

  • We celebrated Jake’s 4th birthday.
  • I read three books, See How They Lie, The Witchfinder’s Sister & The Dog Who Dared To Dream.
  • We went to Calderstones Park in Liverpool.
  • Chris and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.
  • We did lots of frugal things.
  • The house had a good declutter and deep clean.
  • I met up with my lovely friend and fellow blogger Tracey for breakfast and a natter.
  • Our grandson slept over and we had a movie night complete with popcorn.
  • I got some bargains from the charity shop and some great freebies from shopping apps.
  • We made fun sandwiches and biscuits.
  • The kids went to the free water park with Daddy.
  • Daisy went to the museum to learn about fairy tales with school.
  • I enjoyed a free trip to the cinema to see a preview screening of Book Club.

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