Messy Play Wednesday-Flour & Jelly

Hi Folks

I thought I would share with a very simple messy play activity we did today, I first saw the idea at the local children’s centre where we go to a play session each week.

I am always on the look out for simple play ideas that I can incorporate into our day, I’m also a huge fan of sensory play as I think children learn more from being hands on.

Today’s idea is super simple but very messy, all you need is a deep tray, a block of Jelly & some flour.

Daisy really enjoyed covering her hands with the flour & letting it fall through her fingers, she also loves squashing the Jelly, rolling it around, burying it & of course smelling it, she did have a sneaky nibble or two as well.

Of course mummy had to have a go too !

This is the end result of lots of fun, a bath & a hoover was required afterwards, but we don’t mind one bit.

Hope you enjoyed having a peek into this afternoon’s adventures, you can get lots of similar ideas from Pinterest or Nurturestore on Facebook.

Angela x



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