November At The Websters

How on earth is it the end of November already ? It feels like it was Halloween just a moment ago and yet here we are about to leave this month already.

November has been a mixed bag for us, we’ve had some ups and some downs and some highs and lows. Such is life I suppose. There is always lots to look forward to in December starting with Daisy’s birthday on the 10th and ending with Christmas.

Here’s what we got up to this month.

  • We opted to stay home and watch fireworks from the window. It was still lots of fun but definitely warmer than if we had gone out.
  • We indulged in some good old fashioned comfort food like beef casserole and sausage and mash.
  • The children made the most of the early November mild weather and played in the garden.
  • I wrote about the things that annoy my two year old.
  • Daisy got the part of Mary in the Christmas nativity.
  • I celebrated turning 39, you can see some of my lovely gifts here.
  • My eldest daughter turned 19 and we had a lovely day together shopping.
  • We went to parents evening where Daisy made us proud as usual.
  • Jake and I went to a phonics lesson in Daisy’s classroom which was fun.
  • Movie nights happened every Saturday, we’ve watched Labyrinth, Rise of the Guardians, Home Alone and Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas.
  • The hoover broke and the car window broke exactly a week apart.
  • School runs have been either very wet or very cold, layers have certainly been required.
  • Our Christmas tree went up a little earlier than planned.
  • Although we didn’t get out much we did do lots of crafts and activities at home.
  • I spent most of this month feeling stressed and grumpy but I’m hoping some mince pies and twinkling lights will remedy this.

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How was November for you ? leave me a comment I love hearing from you.angela

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