Pregnancy Diary – 34 Weeks


Well here I am with just four weeks to go until delivery day, I’m hoping the next few weeks will be a bit kinder to me than the last couple ! I missed an update last week as I just couldn’t muster the energy to write or do much else for that matter.

Pregnancy and Baby Update

I had a growth scan last week and although baby is still healthy he is a little on the large side, I know he will be fine when he’s born but the worry is always at the back of my mind.

I’ve gone back to my blood results being up and down again, which is frustrating, it’s also becoming pretty painful to inject, my tummy looks like a pin cushion.

The only consistent person I’ve seen throughout my pregnancy has been my diabetic nurse, sadly she’s broken her arm so I have a new nurse, I really am fed up with the whole gestational diabetes now right from the start I’ve been fighting a losing battle, I’m counting down the weeks until it’s all over.

More moaning I’m afraid as all last week I had very little and very bad quality sleep, I can’t get comfortable, when I do I need to get up for a wee or to glug more Gaviscon down, also my brain can’t switch off and is churning out a series of strange dreams and nightmares.

I have another growth scan in a couple of weeks, this will be the last one and then I will be given a date for my c-section, hurray !

Of course I am going to try and get things going myself, I’ve tried a few things in the past but nothing really worked so if you have any tips please let me know.

Other Bits and Bobs

This weekend we have taken advantage of Chris being off work and have been sorting out and preparing for the baby coming, the cot is up as we will use this to put the moses basket in at night next to our bed, Daisy thinks it’s her new bed  and has been enjoying playing in it.

My hospital bags are packed, I will probably re-pack them a few times before I need them, the lovely pink lining bag I’m using for baby came from Freecycle, can you believe that somebody gave it away for free, it just needed a wipe down and it’s as good as new !

I got another bargain this week from Argos, these two Jute drawer units were only £14.99 for the pair reduced from £50, I’m using them as extra storage for baby’s clothes.

I will no doubt be back next week with a new set of moans !

Angela x

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