Pregnancy Diary – 38 Weeks


This will be my last pregnancy update as I will be having an elective c-section on the next week, feels kind of sad that it’s my last update and I wish I would have had the motivation to make more weekly posts but to be honest this pregnancy has been my hardest and there have been weeks when I’ve barely got myself out of bed never mind thinking about blogging.

On a more positive note I’m so glad that the posts I have done are great memories to look back on and I only wish I had blogged all my pregnancies as it would have been fantastic to compare them all.

Pregnancy and Baby Update

I had my final growth scan and consultant appointment last week and for the first time during this pregnancy I came away pleased with how it went.
The scan shows that baby is coming back into line with normal growth, the sonographer thinks he will be around the 8 pounds mark which is fine.
I saw my own consultant who was really nice and booked my c-section in explaining everything to me. I also saw a diabetic consultant who was pleased with my blood sugar levels and the slowing down of the babies growth so I was very happy with that.

I have felt so much better in the last few weeks, I’m having little bursts of energy although I have been trying to take more naps in the afternoon when Daisy does as I sometimes don’t sleep very well at night getting up several times a night for the loo or to gulp some Gaviscon down.

I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and now I’m just looking forward to meeting our little boy and getting well again.

Bits and Bobs

Everything is ready for baby arriving now, all the equipment is cleaned and ready to use, last minute essentials have been bought and hospital bags are packed, so it’s just a waiting game now.

I finally got round to picking up a couple of the free baby packs from Bounty and Emma’s Diary, I also picked up some bargains from the Asda Baby Event.

Here is a view of my bump from above, I have a really crooked linea nigra, I’ve never had one above my belly button before only below.

Well that’s all folks as they say, the next time I blog it will be about my birth experience and to introduce you to our little boy.

Thanks for reading as always.

Angela x


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