Teething At Ten Weeks ?

For the last couple of weeks Jake has been dribbling like a leaky tap, my first thought was could he be teething ? then I thought no surely he can’t be he’s far too young.

On Monday he started gnawing on his fist, again I thought perhaps he had just found his hand and was having fun exploring it, this has been followed with really explosive nappies which I thought could have been down to his jabs last week, he has also been a bit niggly but again I put it down to his jabs.

This morning he woke up with huge rosy red cheeks, he had no other signs of being poorly so I knew it was nothing serious.

I took to the trusty internet and looked to see if babies as young as Jake could teeth and lo and behold they can, I was quite shocked as none of my other children have started the teething process this young, Daisy was almost one before her little pearly whites appeared.

I’ve had a good old look in Jake’s mouth and although his gums seem a little swollen I can’t make out any tell tale buds of white, but I think he has enough symptoms for me to be sure that he is starting to teeth.

Have any of your children started the teething process this young ? let me know in the comments below.

Angela x


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