This Week At The Webster’s – Crawling, Tantrums, Amazing Movies & Homemade Soup

The week started off with yet more illness, Daisy was no better on Monday morning and Jacob started with an awful cough and even snottier nose, I really was beginning to think that illness was going to the theme for 2015, no end in sight, grouchy little ones and sleep deprived parents do not mix very well but it’s not all bad and the highlight of the week was Jake’s crawling.

By some divine miracle Daisy perked up immensely by the afternoon and Jacob decided that sleep was the way to go to feel better, I couldn’t believe the difference in them both and so suddenly, what a welcome relief.

Jake’s crawling has really taken off this week but now nothing is safe from his clutches, he can spot a dangling wire from a mile off, everything that can be unplugged has been, he’s very interested by Daddy’s guitar and has even figured how to reach up and grab the TiVo box. I’m wondering how long it will be before he figures out that he can escape into the hallway, as much as I love this stage of development you really do have to be one step ahead all of the time.

I found Jake stuck under the coffee table without a care in the world, he’s also a fan of tipping the toy box and the bricks out and leaving a little trail of destruction after him.


I don’t know if it’s because Daisy had been so poorly and cooped up in the house but her behaviour since she started feeling better has been trying for want of a not so pleasant word, we’ve had a week of tantrums for such reasons as there are no clean socks in her drawer to the TV not coming on as fast as she wants it to, she’s been shouting at us and demanding our full attention at all times, needless to say our ‘naughty step’ has been fully utilised this week.

We didn’t plan anything for Valentine’s this year as I mentioned in this post here but Chris spotted that he had £5 credit for google play from a rewards scheme so we decided to rent a movie to watch, we chose Gone Girl and I’m really glad we did, it truly is an amazing film, I had a headache when it had finished and that’s always a sign of a great movie for me, if you love thrillers then this is a must see.

I made soup in my slow cooker for the first time this week and it’s turned out delicious, it’s jut a basic lentil soup but it’s really filling, low fat and budget friendly it’s fed me lunches all week.

I have it with a couple of crackers as I’m cutting down on bread, I’ve got another batch on the go as I type, I’m going to try something different next week.


With everybody on the mend I’m hoping we can get out a bit more next week, cabin fever is really starting to take over and I can see the first signs of Spring out the window, I’ve been slacking with taking photo’s these last few weeks so I’m going to rectify that as well.

Angela x

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