This Week At The Webster’s – Garden Fun, Baby Stands Up, Good Results and Mummy Gets Scared

Last week seems to have flown by, we have had some really lovely weather here in the North West so we have been spending lots of time playing in the garden, we even got the paddling pool out.



Jake has been using every available prop to help him stand up, he can manage about 20 seconds no hands before he falls on his bum, I’ve no concerns about him not walking yet, Daisy was 14 months when she walked and Jake will do it in his own time like everything else.

If you read last weeks post I mentioned that Daisy was going for a blood test to find out why she keeps getting poorly, she was so brave and didn’t cry when she had the test and her results have all come back normal which is such a relief.

Last night I used some free tickets I had for the cinema and went to Insidious 3 with my cousin and eldest daughter, I used to be a hardcore horror fan but they frighten me to death nowadays, I was determined to do my best not to jump as much as usual as my film buddies always make fun of me but I failed spectacularly when I jumped that much that I almost ended up on the floor !

Chris has a very rare weekend off so we are spending it doing not very much at all, I think we both deserve it, it’s been a long hard month.

Angela x


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