This Week At The Webster’s – Grumpiness, Crawling Baby Issues & Pancakes

I could seriously fill this whole blog post up with a huge rant about how much of  rubbish week it’s been but I won’t, mainly because most of it would be grumpiness talking.

I am the worlds most grumpiest person after a few nights of broken sleep, and between Jake teething and me having some issues a good nights sleep has been scarce, the week caught up with me and I ended up asleep by 7.15pm on Saturday evening which has helped a little.

Jake’s crawling has accelerated this week, he is like speedy Gonzales when he catches sight of something he’s not meant to touch, I’m trying every tip in the book but he just laughs at me and makes a beeline for the forbidden object again, I’m totally frazzled trying to stay one step ahead of him, Chris and I held an emergency meeting this morning to discuss implementing strategies to outsmart him, we have decided on a safety gate for the living room door and removal of any expensive technology, we are also looking at cable tidies.

The funny thing is you spend ages willing your little ones to crawl then spend even more time longing for the days when you could leave them in one place and be sure they wouldn’t have moved when you return, it certainly keeps us on our toes and there is never a dull moment I suppose.

On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake day, as shocking as it is I only learnt how to make pancakes last year at the age of 36 and I actually quite enjoy it, Chris and Daisy like syrup on theirs but I like traditional lemon and sugar on mine.


Daisy is back at pre-school tomorrow, she has had two weeks off with her being poorly and half term and she is chomping at the bit to get back and see her little friends, I don’t know about you but I seem to work a lot better when we have a regular routine in place so I’m looking forward to next week as well.

We haven’t had a chance to get outside much this week and I really want to change this, the weeks seem to be flying past and I sometimes wonder where the days have gone.

I’m hoping next week will bring a few better nights sleep for all of us.



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