This Week At The Webster’s – More Snot, Some Snow, A Baby Tooth & A Giant Teddy Attack’s

I think the post I wrote last week saying we were all on the mend cursed us, we’ve endured yet another week of snottiness, coughing fits and grumpy moods. Daisy had two days off school, poor Chris had to drag himself through a week of work with a sinus infection. Jake was snottier than a snotty thing and I felt dreadful too !

I think I’m in mourning for when we all felt well, I know it’s that time of year but when the whole family is poorly and we just keep passing it all back around it’s no fun at all.

Anyway, that’s enough moaning, we did have some snow at last this week along with some freak stormy weather in which I tried to push the buggy, I got as far as my doorstep before deciding I valued my life too much and headed back inside.

The snow did look pretty while it lasted, I wish Daisy could have played outside in it but it fell the day she was poorly, maybe we will get some more before winter is over.


Jake cut his first tooth this week, thank goodness, it feels like he’s been teething forever, I couldn’t get a decent shot of it so took some pictures of the thing he likes to teeth on the best.


With us mainly staying nice and warm indoors this week there has been plenty of playing with toys, watching of Frozen and lots of cuddles going on.


I will leave you with a mean mummy moment where Jake is attacked by a giant teddy bear and I laugh and take photo’s before helping him out.

Angela x

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