What’s In A Name ?

I’m not really one for keeping up with the lives of (so called) celebrities, I don’t care about what they are doing, how much they weigh or what they had for their lunch last week but the one thing I do love reading about them is what they call their babies.

I love hearing what unusual, quirky and often bizarre combinations they come up with, I think I live vicariously through their odd choices because I wouldn’t be brave enough to bestow such vibrant moniker’s on my own children.

My children all have two middle names, it’s my thing you see, no particular reason it’s just something I decided I would do, some are named after important people in our lives, others are just names we really liked and were second choices to the names we eventually settled on.

I think choosing a name for a new baby is so exciting and equally as frustrating, there is always that one name you just can’t agree on or the name you like that causes your partner to think you have taken leave of your senses.

Chris and I were considering (just for a fleeting moment mind) the name Bane (the villain from Batman) when we were pregnant with Jacob, in the end we just weren’t brave enough, although if we had have had a girl second time round she would have been called Wren (so sad we will never get to use it).

Sometimes when your baby is born the name you had chosen throughout your pregnancy just doesn’t suit when you actually see their little faces, this happened to me when my eldest son was born, he had one name when the midwife left the room and when she returned five minutes later he was called something completely different, my advice is always be flexible and have a few standby names at the ready.

Here my ultimate top 10 celebrity’s kids names

1. Harley Quinn Smith -Kevin Smith

2. Maple Sylvie – Jason Bateman

3. Phinnaeus Walter – Julia Roberts

4. Kal El – Nicholas Cage

5. Sunday Rose – Nicole Kidman

6. River Rose – Kelly Clarkson

7. Axl Jack – Fergie

8. Rex Rayne – Fearne Cotton

9. Bryce Dallas – Ron Howard

10. Bear Blu – Alicia Silverstone

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Do your children have unusual names ? or are you a traditionalist ? let me know in the comments I love hearing from you.

Angela x


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