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Of course this weeks word had to be school, it’s been all about getting ready and then finally going. Daisy is now in year 2 and Jake is officially a big boy who goes to school all day. It’s been a funny old week with lots of mixed emotions, the house is so quiet and I’m not sure whether to feel sad or happy about it.

The first week has gone really well, Jake has happily settled into his new routine and Daisy is thrilled to be back with her friends. Jake hasn’t eaten much at lunch time which is a worry, the teacher is keeping an eye on it which reassures me a little. It feels so strange not to have him home for lunch asking for his usual peanut butter sandwich and crispies.

Another new addition to Jake’s routine is a reading book. At this stage it’s just to get used to him bringing a book home but in no time at all he will be reading it to me I’m sure. He has always loved listening to stories so I’m hoping he will follow in Daisy’s footsteps and love reading too.

Daisy has already had her first letter home about a school trip, she will be going to the museum next month. Her class is learning all about the local area and its history which sounds like fun.

All in all it’s been a good week but the kids are ready for the weekend. I’m not sure they will be happy about getting homework though.

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10 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – School

  1. What a good start to the school year. Long may it carry on – homework or not. I’m sure Jake is going to love reading. Daisy’s teacher sounds very organized getting the trip letters out in the first week. Hope Daisy enjoys her trip. #wotw

  2. I’m glad to hear their both settling in Angela! Jake will adjust to school lunches no problem, I bet it’s just a bit strange for him at the moment in a new routine. Looking forward to hearing how your quieter weeks are going! #WotW

  3. Oh yes, I’m sure my two will come home tonight with homework! I’m glad it’s gone so well and Jake’s enjoying it. I’m sure you’ll soon get used to the new routine and quiet house, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. I’m glad school has started so well for them. It can be harder for the parents to adjust when they start than the children I think but now I relish my free time and appreciate time with the children even more x #wotw

  5. So glad that the first week back at school has gone well. I love it when they start bringing home reading books – it’s one of the things I miss with Jessica and I’m looking forward to with Sophie. Hope Jake starts eating more at lunchtime soon and that Daisy enjoys her school trip next month x #WotW

  6. Aw it sounds like he has really settled into school, and must be nice to have his big sister there for comfort too (though if they are anything like my 2 they never used to speak to each other at school lol). Enjoy that peace and quiet, though I must admit it is probably strange at first x

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