Webster’s Week In Wins 31st May-6th June 2015

Despite comping my butt off in May it’s not yet yielded any results, no winning emails for me this week but I am still waiting on a few prizes I won last month.

Comping is on the back burner for this month while I concentrate on all the new survey sites I’ve signed up to but I still have a few nice freebies to share with you this week.

My prize from Holland’s Pies Facebook page finally arrived after a bit of chasing, I love the radio and Daisy loves the ball.

This lovely freebie from Huggies arrived, there is a photo competition running on their site too which we will definitely be entering.

It’s been ages since I applied for a project on Savvy Circle so I was really happy to get accepted on this Bold 2 in 1 trial, it smells amazing and they sent a generous amount of samples and coupons too.

I cashed out another £10 Argos voucher from Consumer Pulse this week, Im’ already half way to affording a bike for Daisy for Christmas.

These great little freebies came from SoPost, you need to be eagle eyed and spot them on Facebook and Twitter, you can send them to friends and hope that they are generous enough to return the favour.


If you use Click Snap on Quidco you can claim the £1 back for these making them totally free, there are plenty of other great offers on there too.

Quite a good week for freebies as you can see, hope you have had some nice wins and freebies this week, leave me a comment below I love to hear from you.
Angela x



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