Baby Wipes-Recycling, Upcycle & Help A Good Cause

Thought I would do a little post today as I wanted to tell you about a brilliant scheme for recycling baby wipe packets, as a parent I am always thinking about how I can reduce our waste and set a good example by recycling and upcycling.

I buy Johnsons’s baby wipes for Daisy and I had noticed a message on the back of the pack about wiping out waste, having a newborn and lack of sleep meant that I only glanced at it and wondered if it meant I could put them in with our normal recycling for collection.

A couple of weeks later my cousin who works at a children’s centre asked me to save the wipe packets as they were collecting them to raise money for a local charity, I decided to do some research and found out that all baby wipe packets can be either recycled or up-cycled (made into something else !) , not only that but money could be donated to charities for each pack recycled.

For more information have a look Terracycle’s website , there is a link on the site so you can find out where your local collection point is.

I think it’s fantastic that not only are you helping the environment you are also helping some brilliant causes.

There is also some information about other packaging that can be recycled or up-cycled on the site too.

What things have you been suprised about that you can recycle ? leave me a comment below if you like.

Angela x

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One thought on “Baby Wipes-Recycling, Upcycle & Help A Good Cause

  1. We try to recycle as much as we can, and also check the charity shops for bits and pieces. I have found that for anything that we can't put in the recycle bin, I keep and give some to the schools and nurseries so they can use them for junk modelling 🙂

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