Frugal Financial And Home Goals For October 2015

At the end of each month MrFrugalW and I sit down with our notepads, we write a list of goals we want to achieve for the following month and look back at the goals we’ve met from the previous month.

We have been doing this for a while now and it’s really helping us to stay focused and to feel like we are actually getting somewhere, we write down our money goals for the month as well as the things that need doing in our home, breaking it down into monthly chunks is far less overwhelming than a huge never-ending list.

Every month I will be sharing some of those goals with you, this will be a huge help to me as writing it down holds me accountable.

Financial & Frugal Goals 

  • Pay an extra £100 towards the credit card debt
  • Invest in a chest freezer so we can continue bulk buying
  • Line dry as much as possible
  • Online earning – surveys,apps, focus groups & cash back sites
  • Continue matched betting
  • Keep the heating off as much as possible
  • Finish buying Christmas gifts using money/gift cards from online earnings
  • Continue meal prep to avoid food waste

Home Goals

  • Sort out water pressure in bathroom (fed up of showers going cold)
  • Clear and declutter loft
  • Clean all window sills and frames & check for any draughts
  • Sort our very messy storage room, move tools to shed, declutter, store outdoor toys

IMG_7572[1] IMG_7571[1]

  • Frost effect vinyl for the patio doors in storage room
  • Tidy garden

Do you set yourself goals for the month ? Has setting goals helped you stay on track with your frugal/money saving lifestyle ? leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.


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