September At The Websters

I thought I would write a little round up at the end of each month, I’m including frugal, personal and family highlights.

September has been a good month for the Webster’s with just a small blot of negativity but it can’t be rainbows all the time I suppose, here are the highlights and the one low light of the month.

  • we got a big tax bill at the beginning of the month which was very unexpected (human error on works part no fault of ours may I add)
  • we went self hosted with this blog
  • we bought a shed at long last
  • we celebrated our grandsons first birthday
  • we welcomed our niece Charlotte into the world
  • we had a child free night for the first time in two years
  • we had a go at matched betting and made a profit
  • we ate delicious cake at the MacMillan coffee morning
  • we got to stay and play in Daisy’s class
  • we collected leaves and acorns for Daisy’s project at school
  • we enjoyed some good company and had lots of belly laughs
  • we had some nice freebies and prizes arrive
  • we line dried lots
  • we had our first slow cooker beef casserole of the season
  • we didn’t have to put the heating on
  • we sold our unused desktop computer

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