Free Fun From The Library

After being stuck indoors with two poorly little ones and not feeling so great myself I decided that what we needed was some fresh air and something to take our minds off our snotty noses, as we had some books to return it seemed like the ideal place would be the library.

We are so lucky to have two libraries within walking distance of our house, both have a lovely little children’s area with a few toys and activities as well as a great range of books and all for free.

I always have a quick scout of the library for information about events they might be running, they sometimes offer craft sessions and reading time for the little ones, I spotted a table they had set out for National Bookstart Week, I picked up a lovely little book called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and some activity sheets all for free.

When we got home we looked at the books we had borrowed, Daisy coloured in her mask, not sure I’ve ever seen an elephant like that one !

We played snap and matching pairs with the animal cards, coloured in the jungle scene and talked about the noises that jungle animals make, keeping an eye out for unexpected freebies is definitely worth it and it distracted us from feeling sorry for ourselves for the afternoon.

You can out about future events and more at the Bookstart website.

Angela x


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