Making Savings by Modernising Your Home

Times are tough and many of us are having to start pulling the purse strings a little tighter to ensure that we don’t start sinking into debt. Most people will start out by cutting down on food shopping, going out and socialising less, or cutting down on trips and travel. But there are a few areas of your lifestyle that you can change to save expense without having to make any sacrifice at all. A good place to start is modernising your home. Here’s how updating a few things around the house can save you big bucks in the long run.

Tankless Water Heaters

Chances are that your home has a water heater with a tank. But tankless heaters have long been popular in Europe and interest in them is starting to take over the U.S. The constantly rising cost of electricity and natural gases is leaving us exasperated at the size of our monthly bills. So why do traditional heaters cost so much more than modern tankless heaters? The answer is in how the installations actually work. Traditional heaters heat water constantly and store it at a high temperature. It is then released to your faucets when you turn them on a high heat. Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, heat water immediately as and when you request it. So not only does this save your home from using more energy than necessary, it saves you the cost of heating water constantly should you need it at some point during the day. In short, this new appliance saves both you and the planet. Perfect! Read some tankless water heater reviews before making your purchase to ensure that you get the best type to suit your needs.

Conservatory Insulation

We are all well aware that our lofts and walls should be insulated to keep energy within our homes. But many of us completely forget about our conservatories. Heating our homes isn’t exactly cheap to start with, but when part of your house quite literally has glass walls and ceilings, this expensive heat is going to dissipate at an almighty rate. So, how do you combat this? Obviously, you can’t use the same kind of thick insulation on the glass as you would on a brick. But not to worry, there are ways to conserve your energy. First, ensure that your conservatory’s glass is double glazed. This will stop heat leaving through the walls. The next step is a little more substantial but the results will definitely be worth it. You can invest in tiled roofing for your extension that will not only prevent heat loss but will make your home look more attractive in general.

Energy Saving Light bulbs

Light bulbs seem like a minor feature of your household but they can cost a small fortune as time passes by. Energy efficient light bulbs are just as effective as standard bulbs, but (as the name hints) require less energy to run. This will knock a chunk off your bills and is a great step towards making prolonged savings.

These are just a few steps towards making savings in your home without having to sacrifice your quality of living. So get started making these changes now.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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