A little coupon shopping trip

This week I needed to take a trip to Tesco to use the coupons from my BzzAgent kits so I could complete some of the tasks so I decided to combine some other coupons that I had and make it a coupon day out.

Some of the coupons in the picture below I didn’t end up using, the J20 would have cost £1.14 with the coupon as they are on offer in Tesco for £2.14 at the moment but as I had walked there and my buggy doesn’t have a great deal of room to store shopping I decided to use it at a later date, I also couldn’t find the new Oasis drink I have a voucher for so I will keep looking.


As well as going to Tesco I called at the co-op on the way home to get the Clover and Pork Pie, I had £1 coupon and the Clover is on offer for £1.10 and the pork pies a £1 so my total bill came to 10p ! how awesome is that.

The total cost of my little haul was 70p, which is a fantastic saving and we won’t need to buy butter for ages.


The Clover and Pork Farms Facebook pages still have the coupon tabs on them, so why not take advantage of it, you know what’s better than pork pie ? Free pork pie.

There is also a competition on the pork pies too, so a possible prize from a freebie too.

Be Lucky & Happy Freebie Hunting x

Angela xx

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