Free Sample & Prize Haul

This weeks actual haul isn’t huge but the I’ve had two amazing wins this week that have quite frankly made my comping year. All will be revealed at the end of this post.

This is it folks, two books and two products I’m testing so I can’t tell you what they are, boo!

The Adele Parks book was from Fabulous magazine, they have new competitions every week so worth keeping an eye on.

I’m not sure where the Hypno Birthing book has come from, I will pass this onto my friend who is thinking about a home birth, I’m a gas and air kind of girl I’m afraid.

These items came from two different survey companies for me to test, you would never guess what’s in the bottles and the product in the silver packet is fantastic, hope they go ahead and release them in shops.

As well as getting to try new products you also get an incentive either in points or cash depending on who you are trialling for so it’s a win win situation.


On Monday I got a message from 02, I had won £500 just from topping up my phone last month, the mad thing was I almost didn’t top up as we were a bit short on money, so pleased I did now. We are going to use it towards Christmas, I have already earmarked loads of fab stuff for Daisy. I was so worried about being able to afford Christmas, thank-you universe for listening to me.

It get’s even better though, on Tuesday I had an email to say I had won a 5* London Stay with £200 to spend at a shoe & handbag boutique, I have never been to London so the excitement levels are very high.

I’ve booked for my birthday weekend which is even better as all the Christmas decor will be on display in London, I found the competition on one of my favourite comping sites, The PrizeFinder .

Hope this has inspired a few of you to keep at the comping or even start having a go yourself, hard work, perseverance and a little luck is what you need.

Happy Freebie Hunting & Be Lucky

Angela xx

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